Evidence for a flat earth

No need to point you to a website. Just google it and you will find page after page of websites with evidence for a flat earth.

Now if only we can find evidence for the three elephants and turtle holding it all up.

With reference, of course, to this I presume:

I think it’s time we stopped entertaining the idea that young-earth so-called creationism is anything whatsoever to do with Biblical Christianity. It isn’t. It’s a cartoon caricature of Biblical Christianity with a thick layer of science fiction plastered on top of it.


Perhaps the question is… what are proofs and evidence? What gives us a reasonable expectation that other people should agree with a claim. Without a doubt science has the best criterion… a procedure that anyone can follow to get the same results no matter what you believe.

While only a measly nine different countries can launch rockets with cameras to see the underside of the earth with those elephants and a turtle – surely not enough to rule out a conspiracy. Compare this to more than 142 labs in 50 countries using at least 20 different dating methods (most of them radiological but not all of them) to date not only rocks, fossils and archaeological artifacts but also art for the purpose of authentication.

Hey maybe the earth is flat, but it is certainly billions of years old.

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I assume you mean the clear affirmation by CMI of a spherical earth in a heliocentric system.

Are you telling me that CMI are compromisers, Chris? That they’re looking at the evidence through the lens of man’s fallible wisdom and seeing a spherical earth, rather than through the lens of God’s infallible Word and seeing a flat earth covered by a solid dome? It’s all a matter of worldview, you see. The idea that the earth is spherical is just based on atheistic assumptions and evolutionist presuppositions. After all, have you been to the South Pole? Or have you been into outer space? By compromising over uniformitarian arguments about the shape of the earth, they are undermining the authority of the entire Bible.


That reminds me of AiG’s wonderful anti-plain-reading of the Scriptures on creation using arguments from Physics here:


that was a pretty good link from AiG, actually.

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Especially the section

Reasons We Know That the Earth Is Spherical

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Very good. Now if they would only be consistent in discussing the age of the earth in the way that they discuss the shape of the earth, then I think we could take them a bit more seriously.


I’ve noted before (and am reminded again, having re-read that link) just how odd that AiG page is when compared to every other page on their website.

Every other page quotes (many!) scripture passages in support of the arguments being made.

This page quotes none. Not one.


I find the flat earth theory fascinating, largely because of the many crazy ideas flat earthers come up with. My favourite is the theory of flat earther Mark Sargent who thinks the entire sky is a hologram projected onto the dome.

So speaking of art authentication… how old of an Earth does that give us? The oldest cave paintings are between 40,000 and 64,000 years old. Though the oldest may have been the work of Neanderthals because of the time and location. And we have the more recent cave paintings in Austraila for comparison on this, which span a period of 28,000 years ago to less than a century ago. But notice that the dating of all these cave paintings still gives an age of the Earth which is 10 times older than all the medieval calculations from the Bible, though they agree just fine with the scientific timeline.

Here is the oldest I’ve seen so far with marine shells and mineral pigments 115 kya:

Compromiser! See this true Bible believer:

True apostle and authoritative interpreter Phillip Stallings stays true to the Scriptures and says:

As a Christian, the flat earth begins and ends with Scripture. While the evidence continues to mount, and has, for the flat earth, I must begin by saying, “the Scriptures told you so.”

In reference to Matthew 4:8 where Jesus could see all the mountains it’s obvious the Bible taught a flat earth:

It seems to me that Jesus was taken to very high mountain and could literally see all of the kingdoms of the world.

Some may respond with objections to this interpretation suggesting that this particular event is merely speaking symbolically. To that I would ask, what were the kingdoms a symbol of if not of real literal kingdoms? Was Satan a symbol as well? What about Jesus? Was He a symbol too? Obviously that sort of interpretation for this particular verse does not work at all.

If flat Earth isn’t true then all compromisers are just making out Jesus and Satan to be symbols!

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