Emergence of our species, Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosomal Adam

Maybe if you beg for forgiveness and promise not to be snarky for at least an hour.

@SWilling “geneological Adam” around these parts lately means Josh Swamidass’ Geneaological Adam (I think he added Eve now too) model in his recently published book. And some people have a bit of a history with that. Like Jay.

I’ll go ahead and say a little bit so that I don’t have to wear a muzzle, but the last I heard, the book isn’t due until December. A “sneak preview” of my research is that Joshua’s figures are off by 12,000 years, according to three experts that I’ve contacted so far. More to come.

I don’t agree that “genealogical Adam” works with Christian doctrine. It makes an incomprehensible mess of original sin, but let’s not get into that. As for violating common sense, that charge applies to any “recent Adam” or special-creation scenario. None of them can explain how Adam and Eve learned to speak or were socialized without resorting to implanted memories and the oomphalos hypothesis. I explain why here: