Does the Bible say the earth is 6000 years old? - Phil Vischer answers

We discussed that here:


Oh, and I did royally screw up the math by messing up the factor that is cubed. Might have to hand my math card in. Anyway, added the fixed version in an edit.

Well - nice catch then! It’s a good thing you and I aren’t in charge of figuring out how many oxygen tanks will be needed for somebody’s spacewalk!

I often joke with my math students - asking them how they would feel about being passengers in a jet where the pilot admits to everyone that he was shown a lot of grace in flight school. Not to worry, though! In the simulators he usually got pretty close to the runway while landing. And being one of the kinder, gentler institutions they let him on through!

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And now - maybe as a partial penance for straying from the OP topic so badly here, I’ll swing back around to something at least a lot closer to the original topic …

It’s fun to listen to knowledgeable Bible readers/scholars - either from within the faith, or at least “faith-peripheral” (shall we say, ‘faith-friendly’?) wrestle with the text at the levels it is meant to be read. A recent example of that for me was to listen to Jordan Peterson and Catholic Bishop Barron talk with each other about biblical themes - among which early Genesis figures prominently. Tellingly, the age of the earth never even comes up in their discussion. Not even a mention! They’re way too busy trying to harvest all the important stuff it has to say about our human condition and about God.

But to give the OP a more direct answer: No - the Bible doesn’t say the earth is 6000 years old. But nor does it say it’s not. It just shows no interest in that question at all.

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I think Landing the Aircraft 101 is usually taken as a Pass-Fail course.

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The density wouldn’t actually be that bad-- about 1.3 x 10^-7 kg/m^3.

While I wouldn’t say it is, as a quantity of objects in space, infinite. I did wonder just how big it is when I saw for the first time pictures of the cosmic web last year.

“All we can truly conclude is that the universe is much larger than the volume we can directly observe.”

How big is the universe? | Space.

“Like a hall of mirrors, the apparently endless universe might be deluding us. The cosmos could, in fact, be finite. The illusion of infinity would come about as light wrapped all the way around space, perhaps more than once—creating multiple images of each galaxy,”

Oh my… I remember when me and @Klax wrote about it as a hall of mirrors

Ha! What if it wrapped itself around last Thursday?

And got a trophy for participation.

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