Does / can God lie?

How does that follow?

Examples of meaning-laden hyperbole?

I don’t see any hyperbole in your idiosyncratic interpretation.

So you think eschatological expectations include stars falling from sky? Like…literally?

I think your interpretation of Jesus going rather than coming or even passing by is idiosyncratic. From where?

From the original language. As described by N.T. Wright.

I can read the original language and all its usages. Again where’s He coming from?

An interlinear translation along with Strong’s Concordance, Strong’s numbers and tallies are really useful, aren’t they. BibleHub is a favorite.

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I don’t mean to be rude, but…then read it.

I had serious doubts about Wright’s claims. So I looked it up. Wright is right about the translation of “come” and “go.”

You’re being robust, which is fine. I’d need to see what Wright’s take is. I apologize for my use of idiosyncratic. It’s still a minority view.

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