Dealing with Inaccuracy of the Old Testament

Quick thought

CERN physicists today can read in Genesis an account consistent with modern physics, thousands of years after it was written

If you compare the Hebrew scriptures to their own historical weight class, so to speak, then they are remarkable

Maybe kind of a stretch, but CERN physicists can see modern cosmology and evolution in Genesis 1

“Creator Revealed” is the book I think

What other ancient creation fable can still after all these years walk into earth’s largest physics lab?

The Germanic account of an earthly terrestrial tree from this planet supporting the heavens??

Being fair and balanced and comparing the Hebrew creation account to others it seems obvious that it stands out as the only one even within arms reach of modern science

It stands out as an extreme anomaly, heads and shoulders “above” the tallest California sequoia there ever was on this planet

Good point. Would you indicate if your logic could apply to the Eden/Fall story ? I’m trying to make sense of the relationships in Eden.

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Vegetarian gathering --> skin clothing (implying slaughter of animals) echoes the transition of australopithecines --> homo erectus two million years ago

That transition also witnessed the emergence of stone tools (used to butcher animals and scrape off skins for clothing), burial rituals (evidenced by homo naledi in the Rising Star Cave), and fire (used to access deep cave chambers, cook food, and frighten off animals)

The Cherubim waving fire all around resembles the way flaming torches were used to drive off lions and other predators from carcasses, as well as to defend campsites from the same

According to this picture, the dramatic emergence of fire, stone tools, and ritual two million years ago was a “2001 Monolith moment” if you would

Did you hear the 2001 A Space Odyssey theme in your head when you read that also?

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Almost looks like the Rising Star Cave region was the set for the movie, and homo naledi the inspiration for the costumes!

Jesus was not here to correct the mistaken views of people about science or history.

The fact that he was willing to tell people things like “the mustard seed is the smallest seed,” because that is what they thought, is an indication that He was more interested in giving them spiritual rather than secular knowledge.


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