Could Antiviral Pills Change the Course of the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Definitely could be. We have had a lot of staff off.

Somebody dropped my jaw today by asking, “It’s no worse than the flu, is it?” I haven’t heard that one for nearly a year. I was kind but definite in the answer. Typical flu does not kill more than 800,000 people.


Why did you only quote part of my sentence, redacting the “could be”?

That seems quite misleading.

Maybe it is because you are sick and not thinking clearly.

May you get well soon!

One view:

Who is sick? And who is not thinking reading clearly?

Ah, you are right — he wasn’t the one that thought he might be sick.

Yer he did cut the “could be” out of my statement resulting in something different from what I wrote.

Posting while watching movies with my bride is always risky.

Boston has clearly passed the peak of the (this?) Omicron wave. From wastewater monitoring:

(The Delta wave is the little blip in early December.)


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