Cosmogony 101, Lab Assignment: Create A Physical Universe

A creature of this physical universe can think up justifications for creating a universe just like the one he inhabits. Is this supposed to be a surprise? Does such a creature really have any realistic comprehension of any other possibilities? Are these justifications supposed to reveal why things are the way they are? Seriously?

I think of the book of Job, and I also imagine how someone 2000 years ago might come up with such justifications according to the way he thinks the universe is like.

If you would really explain why things are the way they are, then you would start with the reasons WHY create a physical universe at all? What purpose is this creation supposed to accomplish anyway? Then you would show how this purpose requires certain features.

It was the latter, whether it were the former or not. Existence is uncaused apart from by some eternal constant ineffable principle. Neither physics nor God explains it. The absurdity of existence is primary, the absurdity of God as its ground is secondary. So there is hope : )

Klax    The only thing that matters is faith expressed in love.

What was that faith in, exactly?

Your declarations do not make it so, sorry. That is reminiscent of the governor’s relationship to the virus:

It’s got nothing to do with me. It’s how reality works. Rationally.

Sure, you think so when you make rational, but untrue, presuppositions. That’s all about you.

As opposed to irrational true ones.

A cute retort doesn’t change any facts.

There’s nothing irrational about not presupposing God impotent to intervene providentially. In fact… :slightly_smiling_face:

Who are you quoting?

Dale told me that recently so probably himself.

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I thought, mistakenly, you might remember, unless that’s a rhetorical question or a disingenuous one.

I have used this type of thought experiment a few times myself, but in a slightly different way.

Imagine that there is junior high school student from a species of super-advanced aliens. As part of an experiment in science class, the student is instructed to construct a universe that would naturally produce multicolored stellar nebulae, but no life. The student nailed the multi-colored nebulae, but barely failed to meet the second criteria when life emerged on one tiny planet among trillions and trillions of planets. The student got a B+. That universe is our universe.

You know this how? That we are the only life bearing planet in multiple galaxies. How?

It is just a dreamt up scenario.

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Do you think the teacher was being generous or hardnosed? Maybe other races have grade inflation too.

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Everyone deserves an ‘A’, dontcha know.

That’s all right then. But, errrr, why? Why dream up something soooo, extreme?

The student has rich parents so they can buy a place at the alien version of Stanford.

Stories are the most illuminating at their extremes.

Indeeed. Sooooo, what does this one illuminate?

Was the universe made for life or for pretty looking stellar nebulae?

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