Corona, False Alarm? Questions about a Book

And now a justice of the supreme court has publicly criticized states for taking ‘extreme measures’ to contain this extreme virus.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gave alarmingly political remarks on Thursday, criticizing many states’ science-based COVID-19 restrictions …

You wouldn’t think commenting on a what a supreme court justice had to say could violate our “no politics” policy, but there is no denying that politics has been used extensively to make it more difficult to carry out medically sound policies.


Can you imagine if when people were huddling in the tubes to survive the air raids of WWII, there had been a large and loud contingent agitating for living their lives above ground and not in fear down here? I guess explosives you can hear and wreckage you can see helps impact public perception in a way a virus which merely kills hundreds of thousands cannot.


What kind of swivel eyed libertarian is Alito?

Actually I think they would take that as a confirmation that Covid-19 is not so important, and they would compare these face mask restrictions with those on cigarettes and warnings against things supposed to cause heart disease – things that a lot of people feel perfectly free to ignore. so… I don’t think that comparison helps so much…

Far more important is that Covid-19 is NOT a result of bad diet or bad habits but is a rapidly spreading highly infectious virus which can not only can easily overwhelm our health care system but has been doing so already in different places.

I am reminded of the fundamental problems with prophecy. If people listen to the prophecy, then it doesn’t happen and you have a false prophet. If people don’t listen, then what good did the prophet do? Whether self-fulfilling or self-preventing, the prophet loses either way. We listened and slowed down the spread of the virus and so the morons are crying “FALSE! See, not so many people are dying from this thing after all.” The evidence is very clear in the graph of the statistics – an exponential curve interrupted and then resumed.

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In one sense its rapid spread could now it could be said to be the result of a ‘bad habit’ or habits – the bad habit of not wearing a mask in public and the habit of careless (or care less) congregating.

On this note, I found the following article on The Conversation illuminating:


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