Considering Lutheranism --- Advice?

Hello folks. I am currently considering Lutheranism as it looks line it may be more in line with what Scripture/Church history teaches about the sacraments, salvation by faith alone (Catholicism is out of the question), and a few other things. However the two largest Lutheran bodies are the ELCA and LCMS. I am at a bit of a crossroads here with the two denominations as with the LCMS, I disagree with their stance on creation as I do not hold to YEC and lean towards an old earth, but don’t see it as a major issue. However, I find the ELCA to also problematic as the denomination seems more liberal and Unscriptural, such as there stances on marriage and abortion (I am a traditionalist in these matters).

I am wondering if there are any Lutherans in here that have struggled with this decision in finding a church. How did you go about this process? For those in the ELCA and LCMS respectively, how did you find a church where you could fellowship with others with the views you hold? Have you run into any issues?

Moderator note: This is a valid topic for this Forum, but I would prefer if the discussion be limited to Lutheran views on faith and science, as not to get sidetracked on topics of sacraments and such. There are plenty of other discussion boards on the internet where such things can be discussed (Reddit’s r/christianity page comes to mind, for instance). Let’s keep this discussion focused on topics related to the BioLogos mission.


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