Christian Church Leader Doesn’t Believe in Climate Change

“Any?” Seriously? If you are unaware of what I pointed out, do a little research before asking. I have no interest in litigating this on a forum. One could write books on the malfeasance of scientists.

Do you know the names Daszak, Anderson and Fauci?

I’ll give you another: Most scientists 'can't replicate studies by their peers' - BBC News

If you’re going to throw his name around as an example of malfeasance, then … yes … you’d better have some real evidence to offer. Because some tribal partisans have made it abundantly clear by now that they are incapable of recognizing any truth at all in his favor and have instead shown themselves quite capable of making up and spreading anything bad about him. If I were a regular listener to all such stuff … I’d be ticked at how much I’d been lied to and played.

So … yes. Is there any evidence that doesn’t just evaporate into conspiracist hearsay once it’s examined?


Look, I can’t stand either side and the media is the main problem because they make money off making people angry (people come back for more!). Both sides lie, both sides focus entirely on the sins of the other side.

But @Mervin_Bitikofer! Fauci funded GoF research in the Wuhan lab, and lied about it to Congress. Are you a tribal partisan that is completely unaware of this?

What I find to be less than credible is that Fauci has ever had any sinister intentions with regard to his work to promote good information for pandemic response.

You are right that lying isn’t limited to only one partisan side. But saying “both sides lie” is not a blank check to then go on and think that “both sides are therefore equally warranted” for any given opinion. Whatever Fauci’s involvements with the Wuhan lab may have been, (and I’m not claiming that he must be squeeky clean from any past indiscretions or in how he carried himself under congressional interrogation) - none of that makes him the big boogy man that his enemies want to paint him as.


@ciaociara I agree with you about the trash problem. Many are not aware of ways they could do something that is marginally meaningful simply because it is kind and good stewardship.

This is the standard throw-back. It seems that for many people, unless I am in panic mode about the environment, I must not be doing everything I can. @Mervin_Bitikofer’s post above is similar. I have a decades long belief that we are stewards of this planet, and we will give an accounting for how we treat it. But that’s not good enough for some.

I would say that the title of this thread makes assumptions about the FB poster that may or may not be true. Like her, I refuse to panic. I don’t see panic as a Biblical virtue yet I do see some people using their panic as virtue signaling.

Do you run your winter thermostat at 55 degrees? Refuse summer AC? If not, honestly, there is more you could do. But I’m doubtful any of us are going to do these. I value good stewardship of the planet. We need to educate people about stewardship issues, avoid panic (and panic-mongers with agendas), and trust God.

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@Mervin_Bitikofer you’re arguing against the distortions of the rightist propaganda streams here, not against me. The distortions of the leftist propaganda streams are just as bad.

I’d be honored if you don’t assume I agree with either side about most of their claims, but the things I have actually stated here I still stand behind.

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For what it’s worth:

There’s no evidence that Fauci lied to Congress, as Paul asserted in the July 20 hearing, given that the NIH unequivocally backs up Fauci’s statement that the grant-backed research “was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain-of-function.”


Another detail conspiracists, right or left, overlook is that the dreaded “mainstream media” are commercially competitive. They are not just online tabloids or monetized blogs or vlogs with no accountability…They have investigative reporters competing for scoops, and if a factual error is published then the media company has to publish a correction or retraction, which is not helpful to their market share.


(I might trust Paul to operate a phoropter and write me a script for glasses. Maybe.)

So noted. And I’ll continue to stand behind my objections as well. But I will refrain from thinking you are completely beholden to any partisan side.

In a nutshell, none of us are going to give up to much in first world nations. But we can’t just pray it gets better and do nothing because the problem will be that people in these third world nations will suffer because we most likely won’t do enough.

NYC won’t do too well with two feet of water covering all of Manhattan, though.

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I do, but the mere naming of names is not evidence: it is smear tactics.

I’m well aware of the reproducibility crisis. But the fact is that there is a great deal of pressure from scholarly journals not to even submit reports of failed replications, and universities have failed to sufficiently reward scientists for making them. Which is not the same as the kind of corruption you are implying. Indeed, a great many self-corrective mechanisms are now being deployed, chiefly by scientists themselves: see the various links from the WIkipedia article for details of them.

Unaware of what? That "if Mr. X did what Mr. Y says Mr. X did and if Mr. X denied to Congress having done what Mr. Y says he thinks Mr. X did, then Mr. X “could be culpable for the entire pandemic”, but Mr. Y hastened to add: "I’m not saying that happened. I don’t know.”???

–A Tribal Partisan in Los Angeles who is not afraid of fact-checking a claim now and then.

The Wuhan Lab and the Gain-of-Function Disagreement


Great to see such good convo about climate here.

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