Being a good steward of the waters

I realize that. They were introduced deliberately to the USA. There have been efforts to control them, but people love them.

We have more water to steward. :confused:

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Reminds me of a PBS show on slime molds, and how they can move through mazes to preferred food sources. Pretty amazing.

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@SkovandOfMitaze Look what I dug up for you: a short film about Pete Seeger’s Hudson River Clearwater project; He was quite the environmentalist and teacher.
(1362) Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Part 1 - YouTube

Also this: Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday: The Clearwater Concert

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Thanks. Watching it right now. I’ll definitely subscribe to their channel and watch them. Finished watching the Netflix Fantastic Fungi documentary earlier. It was good. Especially with their footage. I felt like at times it was a bit hyperbolic on claims though.

In the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater video it’s really inspiring to see all these kids snd teens involved. I am curious to see how some of them are doing now concerning environmentalism.

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Is there a better thread for this?

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Everything just really makes Rachel Carson’s thoughts more and more evident.

“But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.”


This morning I was going through some of the posts by Alabama Water Watchers and seen a species mentioned I have not known before. It’s the “ Necturus alabamensis “ or commonly known as the Alabama/ Blackwater Riverdog and it’s a perennibranch salamander about 6-8 inches long.

States that as there are more and more Corbicula clams ( a genus of clams native to asia but invasive in USA) there are less and less of these salamanders.

Amphibians are pretty neat but definitely one of the species I know the least about. We have several salamander species in alabama near me. One I really want to see in the wild is the Siren reticulata which is a 2 foot long salamander in the lower alabama delta.

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