Bacteria and Viruses in TOE

Certainly; there usually are many possibilities when you get into detail. For example, within biological evolution, there are myriad factors, and different versions put more emphasis on one than another. Of course, some versions are not as good as others; for example, versions of evolution that claim that there is some sort of innate “progress” beyond a general trend to increasing diversity (which includes increasing maximum complexity) both don’t match the physical evidence well and tend to be linked to bad social agendas.


This applies to a certain aspect of geology: in places where dams have accumulated sediments for decades and then the dams have been removed, someone examining those sediments would know that they are likely artificial because of the differences between sediments deposited by a free-flowing river and those deposited in what is effectively a lake – and examination of the stream farther down would show that there was never a natural lake.

I had a professor who wrote his master’s dissertation on miracles and included this point. It’s not really evident until you make a timeline using the Bible’s information and then plot miracles on it. Then you get two huge spikes, one at the time of the Exodus and one around the time of the Incarnation.


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