ASA: Race and Inheritance


You hope I get booted off the forum? I hope you are open to different views, including peer reviewed evidence showing racial differences. If it feels politically incorrect doesn’t mean it isn’t true. More than anything pretending races are interchangeable is extremely dangerous.

The bible is littered with ethnic warring. History in general is littered with corpses as a result of racial tension and conflict. Increasing diversity leads to lower social trust, less democracy, and less freedom. It is happening in the US already. Even churches are mostly segregated. Why? People are tribal by nature. Blood is thicker than water. Good fences make good neighbors. Birds of a feather flock together.

But, that doesn’t imply Christianity is wrong. God wants different people’s to use their own cultures and worship Him.

Science is not racist. Let’s have a look. Peer reviewed evidence for IQ differences between races:


Christians need to throw off the veil of pretense and start acknowledging races are equal but different. God knows this. Just like there are different dog breeds. There are different races. This is not “racism.”

SAT scores show differences in abilities between for example Blacks (who speak English as a first language) and Chinese (many who speak English as a second or third language.

Race affects crime.
[misleading graphic about black on white crime removed by moderator]

I actually believe most Christians agree with me, but they are paranoid as being labelled a “racist” for bucking the norms in belief. Let’s not let political correctness undermine the growth of Christianity, for ALL peoples.

(Christy Hemphill) #26

Because people are broken and sinful and fall short of God’s ideal, not because there is anything inherently dangerous or wrong with “diversity.”

Not teachings of Christianity, by the way.

Dog breeds and human races are a terrible analogy. There is no genetic basis for human races; they are a social construct.

Sources are important. Rushton 1995? Really? Please come join 21st century science.

This article links intelligence and genes not intelligence and race. There can be more genetic variation between individuals of the same racial group than there is between individuals from different racial groups. Because race is a social construct, not a genetic reality.

Many black children speak non-standard dialects of English which have significantly different grammatical and phonological rules. I failed an African-American Vernacular English grammar test in grad school. Standard English is indeed their “second language.” Plus, the SAT is not an intelligence test, it is a scholastic aptitude test. Plenty of other factors besides intelligence play into a specific culture’s definition of scholastic aptitude, not to mention the many factors that contribute to test-taking proficiency.

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These statistics are manipulated and misleading. Do not post any more graphics of that type.

This article explains how alt-right groups manipulate numbers to promote fear.

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And just so we’re clear … your admonition is aimed at something that RH posted above and not the Tim Wise link in your response, right? I only ask because I have learned a lot listening to Mr. Wise and have a lot of respect for what he says. So if somebody has problems with him, I’d like to know about it.

(Christy Hemphill) #29

Yes. I had originally left the graphic up, but then decided to remove it. The article discusses how statistics are manipulated to create the offensive graphic which was removed. I added a line to clarify.

(Chris Falter) #30

Fact: To fairly poll “most Christians” you would end up with far more Africans and Latinos in your sample than white American evangelicals.

I seriously doubt you considered this demographic fact before you made the statement accusing them of holding racist, badly-informed opinions.

Heresy derives from a Greek word that means “to split.” It was adopted in early Christianity to describe those who would use inflammatory teaching to divide the body of Christ.

On this basis, some of the statements you have made in this forum could reasonably be described as heretical. Your statements have grievously wounded the body of Christ, and in so doing have grieved the Savior to whom the body belongs.

I am praying for the light of Christ to shine forth in your heart.


(Andrew M. Wolfe) #31

So what do you do with the fact that one of the central themes of the New Testament (especially in the ministry of Paul, but throughout) is bringing together Jews and Gentiles in one common body of Christ, which was reflected throughout the New Testament era in diverse local house churches? A large portion of the New Testament is dedicated to promoting the goodness of this sort of diversity-in-unity. I imagine that if writing the New Testament had been up to you, you wouldn’t have chosen to write it this way…


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(Roger A. Sawtelle) #33


At one time I suggested that BioLogos take on the task of countering the Darwinian view of Survival of the Fittest which is not scientific, but has been used to justify racism, wittingly and unwittingly. As I remember I was soundly rebuffed.

I make it again.

(Christy Hemphill) #34

BioLogos has repeatedly denounced Social Darwinism and all forms of eugenics as unscientific and wrong. You are just going to have to get over the fact that no official BioLogos spokesperson is going to wholeheartedly endorse your particular idiosyncratic view that sees immorality and lack of scientific merit in the concept of “survival of the fittest”. Sorry.

(Roger A. Sawtelle) #35

I am not asking anyone to whole heartedly endorse anything that is unscientific. Nor do I suggest that it condemn anything that is not immoral.

What I am suggesting that BioLogos consider the proposal, which means to look at the evidence behind it and give a reasoned response. Rhetoric is not reason.

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Some great links from Scot Mcknight’s blog relevant to the topic. Both Perkins’s and Moore’s comments are interesting:

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This looks interesting and relevant in a couple of ways here.

(Roger A. Sawtelle) #38

What is interesting is that Euro Christians think that Afro Christians need their faith and wisdom and not the other way around.