Are vaccinated people who stopped masking contributing to covid spreading?

I wear a mask in crowds as well which means anytime I’m at a store, event or church. I have almost never wore one when hiking or biking and I don’t think it was ever necessary. I seems though to me that even the vaccinated is getting COVID again, though not as often.

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I stopped wearing a mask a month after it went down to the 30s or so and I was double vaccinated. The majority of the at-risk population was able to vaccinate. I have not put the face diaper back on again and certainly am not being shamed into it. The only thing that could push me to do it is school and winter leading to deaths of unvaccinated children.

I recently deleted everyone using FB as a political platform to push both conservative and liberal ideas. I don’t want to see any more anti-vax babble nor do I want to see vilification and accusations of murder from the opposite side. Stopped watching the news completely months ago. It’s been amazing.

I did my duty. Wore my masks for months, social distanced and double vaxed until the majority of the at-risk were safe. I am unequivocally done now. The chips can fall wherever they like at this point.

So based off of some of the ideas is it possible that we no longer have a moral responsibility to wear masks to help
Prevent death like it was pushed in the beginning? In the beginning the discussion was quite often about our moral responsibility to do it for the greater good. Is it no longer the same?

I’m not against that idea necessarily. Throughout the Bible we repeatedly see people being warned, some did not and because of that they died.

Take the Noah story. Would he have had a moral responsibility to have tossed ropes and lifesavers over? I don’t think so.

I think that argument could possibly be that we were given plenty of time to make choices and now the time clock is over and you must deal with the consequences.

I will say for me personally there is part of me that thinks crappy thoughts towards those who are still unvaccinated and who has not wore masks the whole time. I see these people often. But I also equally dislike YECreationist and blame that teaching for encouraging young Christians in college to give up their faith.

But what I have decided basically is that when in crowds such as grocery store or church I will continue to wear masks, even if it’s not necessary , to help try to keep it down. I’ll still wear them when walking to a booth in a restaurant.

Where I am no longer wearing them is when I at the gym. I hated wearing a mask at the gym. Since I shave my head, when I’m lifting, running on a treadmill or at a boxing club I sweat and within 15 minutes my masks are drenched snd don’t breath as well. So I no longer wear them since being vaccinated in those places.

I am ok with now going to parties, comedy shows, and I’ll be going to horror conventions this year and so on. I may or may not wear masks then but unlike the previous year I will be going now. I’ll definitely be back to going to bars as well.

Of course it will naturally seem that way as more people get vaccinated. If the vaccine is 90 percent effective against illness, and 50% are vaccinated, then 5% are still at risk as opposed to all of the other 50%, so you might see roughly 1 in 10 of active cases be vaccinated, which is still substantial. The difference is that 99%of the deaths are still in the unvaccinated group, from what I have read.


That tells us where you are with the science, doesn’t it. Completely objective.


Do it.

What’s ironic is that people who wear masks may be being ultraconservative. :grin: I’m just conservative, but I’m not ashamed to be the only one wearing a face diaper (and I was, at church last week, and in the supermarket – transmission rates are up in my town, county and neighboring counties).

You get what you see with me. I hate putting a mask on my face. I did for as long as was necessary.

Not in my neck of the woods. CT is in very good shape. 71% at least one does and 64% fully vaccinated. Out of that remaining 29% I’d guess 15% are children under 12 who can’t yet get vaccinated. So we have like 14% not vaccinated who are eligible. I don’t see a valid need to mask up again. Unvaccinated people and children can double mask and protect themselves. I understand my mask helps them but me taking an experimental vaccine also helps them. We see cases spiking in the anti-vaccine crowds. Hand out the Darwin Awards.

The odds of me getting it and transmitting at a trip to Walmart are extremely low. My whole family is double vaccinated as are many of my close co facts. The ones who are not that I know are all Trumpers. They go to parties, bars and so on without a mask unvaccinated. I’m the least of their concern and honestly, they reap what that sow at this point. Not masking except where required.


But you are sending the wrong message to everyone else. And I’m not sure I trust you on statistics, with reason, as noted above.

(I love CT. We were married in Manchester and had good friends in Coventry, as well… 50 years ago. :slightly_smiling_face:)

I understand it. I just meant that for me it’s enough of a reason to still personally wear the mask in gatherings for a little while longer until it’s all under a bit more control.

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I don’t think it’s out of line to admit that one hates wearing masks. I don’t know anyone who really enjoys it. The key is that despite not liking it, many have dutifully done it when necessary anyway for the sake of others, and will again if it becomes needed.

I don’t enjoy masking either, generally, but they are actually pretty nice when it’s below zero in the winter and your nose hairs would freeze without one on.


Reading up on the Delta variant situation this week, this is the important info I’ve noted and my takeaways. I’m not going to take the time to go back and find all my sources, you can trust me or not.

Vaccines are less effective against the Delta variant than the original variant, but they are still pretty effective in preventing severe cases that result in hospitalization. Less than 1% of vaccinated people are experiencing breakthrough infections (edited to be more statistically accurate)

(1 in 100 is good odds, but if community spread is high in your area, you might want to wear a mask at crowded indoor gatherings with no social distancing to protect yourself.)

Vaccinated people who become infected with Delta are just as contagious as unvaccinated people and infected vaccinated people have high viral loads in their nose and mouth, even with very minimal or no symptoms. The R0 for Delta variant is estimated to be from 7 to 12, meaning it is more contagious than chicken pox.

(Wearing a mask as a vaccinated person protects others in the event that you are infected and don’t know it.)

The symptoms are also reported to be different than the first COVID variants and people are less likely to have cough and loss of taste or smell. They are more likely to have runny noses and congestion and headache. So people may not be recognizing that they have COVID symptoms when they are in fact highly contagious.

(Wearing a mask protects yourself and others from people who don’t know they are sick and contagious.)

Based on these things, my family will be wearing masks to church on Sunday and in stores and other public buildings because our area is a “red” zone now. We have not been wearing masks around vaccinated friends and family, because we feel that is an acceptable risk.


Connecticut: trending up

More than 1/500k. Read for yourself:

I agree. I know despite being irritated with these people that are anti vax and anti mask in my community I don’t actually
Want to contribute to their deaths. I also feel like by wearing a mask it also helps to keep the others wearing masks that may not have had their vaccines. Plus I’m going to buy some more horror “masks”.

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I agree, I do have some conservative friends. :grin:

As in 7 people per 100,000 hospitalized vs 5? That is your trending up? And of course it is. We laid back on all rules and opened everything back up and now a new strain is ripping through the unvaccinated crowd.

Your other link

Mortality (43 states, NYC, PR and GU reported)*

  • Among states reporting, children were 0.00%-0.26% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 7 states reported zero child deaths
  • In states reporting, 0.00%-0.03% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death

Covid deaths extremely rare in children. What all the studies show. We will soon see what happens with all these schools without mask mandates. Here in CT we have to wear them. Like I said, my area is fine.

We are spending next week in SC. Not knowing the area and it’s politics. We will probably mask there just to be safe.

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More than lightning, bro. The facts about your opinion haven’t changed.

I was reading about the cases linked to Lollapalooza here in Chicago last night.

There were 385,000 people there, and from the pictures I saw, people were right on top of each other and hardly anyone was wearing a mask.

There have been 203 cases linked to the event, which is a pretty low percentage.

They required proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test for entry and 90% of the guests were vaccinated.

So I think at this point, the best thing we can do is keep encouraging people to get vaccinated. Vaccinated people are only a small percent of the people contributing to these new explosions of cases and community transmission.


Counterfeit vaccine cards and passports are going to increasingly become an issue. :confused:

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