American Majority Accepts Evolution as God-Guided! Is BioLogos part of this?


If I may interject – No, my parents didn’t always instruct me literally, nor do I always do that as a parent myself. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. One example that has helped me make sense of this is the type of explanation that would be given to a young child who asks about a mature topic, such as where babies come from. I remember my parents telling me something like “Sometimes when a husband and wife love each other, God gives them a baby.” And that is absolutely true, and I’m glad my parents didn’t feel the need to give me a ten-point biology lecture on the principles of human conception. But as I got older, I realized, and was told, that there was a lot more to it than that. But the biological realities of conception did not change my initial and continuing belief that babies are still from God. I don’t think biology and spirituality have to be either/or.

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In any case, I don’t see 100% predestined genomes as being any more oppressive to Human Free Will than 100% non-predestined genomes…

… The pervasive influences of the genomes are there, regardless!

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I guess you’re saying God is simply providing the conditions necessary for us to take on the relevant kind of responsibility to put moral behavior within our range. Not sure how much continued fiddling would be required for that.

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I keep getting the impression that your spiritual foundation is not actually the Bible. If that is true, then maybe you are more like the Unitarian Universalist that I am?

A UUer might say something like what you said: “Not sure how much continued fiddling would be required…”

But many Christians, especially a Creationists, have no qualms regarding 100% fiddling!

A Creationist says God made ALL the animals in less than a week. This would not be a process where God is likely to roll dice regarding the genetic instructions for each life form. God is calling every chromosome into EXISTENCE … he isn’t saying… “whatever!.. just appear in my hand!”.

He is crafting every cell, every organelle, every molecule.

That is 100%. A slower version of that, as in God-guided evolution, is hardly more radical…

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You’re definitely right about the bible. It has never been that influential for me. The one time I set out to read it I quickly lost interest. I found I could attach meaning to many passages but it didn’t really inspire me. I understand from hanging out here that casual, shoot-from-the-hip theology probably isn’t the best way to go if one really wanted to understand the bible. But that just isn’t my goal.

If God is still cooking, maybe the soup isn’t ready. Are we ready for moral responsibility now or must that wait for a later generation when God becomes more satisfied with the recipe? If a future generation becomes more adequate image bearers will that be their achievement or the chef’s? You’re right, UU is probably the only wing of the tent where I could possibly fit.

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