AI Artwork and the Christian Imagination

I mostly just play around with the free version of nightcafe.

It tries to stay away from gory too. So I have to trick it. Like if for some reason I wanted s corpse covered in blood, it won’t work. I have to keep playing around with things like human looking robot with realistic synthetic skin that is ripped and torn revealing white metal and leaking red oil. I just mess around with it forms few moments for fun though.

hahaha nice. I see, so you are TRYING to get gory results :slight_smile: haha

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ha I am in the same boat with much of that, Richard.
I don’t see much of the beauty or meaning in much art these days.
But I feel like AI at least is usually compositionally beautiful and awe-striking. And if we partner it with scripture to expand our imagination of what the scripture might be describing, or how it could be extended to other contexts in order to give us new perspectives on old scriptures, we can evaluate how well it does that! And if it does it well, then we can say it is good for its purpose!

…whether it has a soul in it or not :slight_smile: It doesn’t really play the same role as a lot of other hand-made art does, I guess.

True, it does use lots of other images to start from, and after thinking about it, I realized that’s what human artists do too. The creation of us artists are usually new combos of elements of the images that influenced us.

I wonder if we can be inspired by the Holy Spirit to see something we have never fathomed before? I suppose we could!! Perhaps then that art would be valuable for that!


Can a sentient AI be capable of salvation?

  • Why do you ask? Are you feeling the need for it?
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Before we start to worry about that, I propose we wait untill such a thing actually exists. It may never happen.

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Welcome @zafidler!
What is a sentient AI? Where can such be found?

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  • Maybe he has a family picture that he’d be willing to post here.
  • A cryptid.
  • Dans la ménagerie des cryptides

Ah. You mean like me?


A good question. How would one even define it? Not 100% sure how it’s defined in biological life.

Also, what would salvation mean for a sentient AI, if one existed?

  • IMHO, only living things need apply.
  • I found MidJourney far too complicated to “ease” into and use, which leaves me with two project ideas beyond my artistic abilities. Bummer!