Ages of Patriarchs

Just like me in dodgeball. :grinning:

FYI, I have used myself as an example for this passage when I have discussed it:
if the average adult male height is about 5’3’’, and Saul was a slender ~6’. Me (at 6’5.5" and close to 300 lbs), but more muscular would be extremely impressive.

An interesting option I thought of (I do not think this is necessarily true, just interesting) was that the numbers were originally in a different format, like hexadecimal, or something else, like based on 7, and just got transcribed, rather than translated. If the values pre-flood were multiplied by five (and multiples of seven added back in), and the transitional values multiplied by two or three, this would give ages ranging from ~125 (for Terah) down to ~40. This would also keep ages for having children plausible (~13 up to 60 for Abraham and 54 for Sarah)

Ascribing great longevity and power to people of the days of old is common in folklore.

Teeth would have to have been made if titanium carbide or the like,
to last 900 years.

Pre or post flood is not terribly meaningful, as there was no flood

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Yes, definitely not unique to biblical authors; though it was much more extreme in the Sumerians, etc, I think.

Interesting how they boasted about age back then, and we don’t like to light candles on our cakes past 30, nowadays. :slight_smile:

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Who is we?? Surely not to include me??

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Well, I’m 50 now …maybe not you. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Until you get really old, then it becomes a bragging point and some start exaggerating their age.


I dont brag how many times Ive been 30

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I’ve been 30 and holding for many years…

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I’ve been nine years older than you for a long time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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