A Multiverse may be the foundation of God's Creation

I am a theist, 1.5 on the Dawkins scale since I believe doubt is necessary for mental health and to live as if something is true is how I define “knowledge.” But you can also say that I am an agnostic, in the classic sense, with respect to an objective knowledge of the existence of God. I don’t believe that objective knowledge of God is possible. I not only fully acknowledge that my reasons for believing are totally subjective, but I am predisposed to reject the objective validity of any proof or argument for the existence of God. Part of this is because the kind of God that fits my reasons for believing would not agree with such objective knowledge.

Sure… of course, some people are equally sure of the existence of fairies, shetani, ghosts, demit, psychics, or jinn. I certainly acknowledge that my belief in God and angels is just as subjective as their beliefs.

In Jewish theology (my tradition) the idea of multiple worlds is no cause for concern, as many Kabbalists taught exactly that:


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With all due respect you are getting into trouble because despite your protests, you are comparing the multiverse to God. The problem is that the multiverse is or is supposed to be physical, while God is Spirit. There is no definitive physical evidence for the multiverse, so we have no right to say it exists.

There is much spiritual evidence for the existence of God, which should be definitive. There is also physical evidence for God, such especially the universe. The multiverse would be evidence for the existence of God, if it existed, but something that does not exist is not evidence for God.

What is the knowledge that convinces you to believe in the multiverse? Is it spiritual, philosophical, or scientific knowledge?

Great question Roger A. Sawtelle! I can say that my belief in the Multiverse is based upon all of the above—as spiritual,philosophical and scientific but the core of it comes from the fact that I have been able to photograph and videotape otherworldly entities over the past 3 years.Not just some hum-drum guess-work either—I’m talking Alien Beings,exotic spacecraft,structures,cities,strange landscapes and much more.My collection of photos range into several hundreds with dozens of videos as well.Now,one can then ask the question:How do I know it’s the Multiverse?I really can’t make that call to announce to all the world—but I honestly feel in my heart and soul that it is no matter what others may think after seeing my collection.I have such a story I can tell about it all since I started this in June of 2016.But here we have a planet bent on scientific proof of Multiverse so it is what it is and I stay mellow in-general about it—My wife got plenty of testimony from me but she is not a fan,which I’ve accepted.I am no lame-duck about it though since you can see some of my best work on my YouTube channel:

I am a retired hospital worker now and this is my passion.I hope that you enjoy it Roger!

Roger,I just wanted to point out from your post yesterday that I in no way was comparing a possible Multiverse to God the Almighty.It really would make no sense being that all of reality (Mutiverse or not) comes from God! I also respectfully have no protest to all other opinions on the matter.Everyone has there own beliefs,convictions and opinions and I am not one to try to change any of that.

We know for a fact there are other dimensions existing here in space-time.Do you think it not possible that those can be witnessed by Human eyes.My video may be a look into such dimensions.I know it may be up for speculation by many but I believe it can be a Multiverse.This is my own personal take so others (to include yourself can decide what they are.Nothing in my video is fake or fabricated in any way though.My camera lens gave me all that you see in the video.God be praised if it is indeed a Multiverse!

Kenneth @quavis, Thank you for sharing. Very interesting.

Just for the record, I do not think those pictures are the result of the multiverse as I understand it would structured. However it looks as if it could stand some further exploration.

Best wishes.

You’re welcome Roger! Believe me,I’m not trying to rally a cause claiming to all that my photos and videos are a Multiverse—The first thing most will say is"prove that they are",which I can’t.But at the same time if it is,why throw it all out and dismiss it entirely? I humbly submit,what if this is mankinds rare opportunity for clues of extraterrestrial life in case scientific testing for a Multiverse will never be possible? I know though as you stated that it stands for further exploration—that is what I do now that I’ retired from the work force (be it my limited capacity for research withstanding). Be certain of this though my friend—whatever these entities are,the Lord created them like he did us,and I ask him regularly for guidance on what to do (if anything ) with this amazing discovery.Thank you for your sincere dialogue Roger!

P.S.Just in case you’re interested part 2 titled “Multiverse Dimensions II” is also available for viewing at “kenestos bestos 100” channel at YouTube.

Yes indeed mitchellmckain! All are fair game in the fate of subjectivity but what others think and say really has no significance when your own conviction is rock-solid right?

As I’ve said before, I don’t think Christians should base their faith on a heavy burden of proof, which can be disproven if the multiverse were proven true

The multiverse cannot prove Christianity false. The world going to Hell in a handbasket would prove that we humans do not think that Christianity is true.

Good points made aleo! You have a well-endowed perspective that is interesting and universal.
I think that for there to be people who conflict God against the Multiverse concept miss the mark so-to-speak.Throughout the internet they go “If a Multiverse does exists,there can be no God”,or "God or the Multiverse?"Such nonsense is really ludicrous since it; [1] puts God in a position of having no power or authority [2] calling the shots on what should or should not be at a biblical scale [3] Deciding that by some kind of scientific analysis there can be no God if we do find out that the Mutiverse is real.It has to be egos at work by folks who think they know it all I suppose.If there is a Multiverse,it simply means that God has more going on besides us Humans.God was here forever before the Human Race,—is it such a farfetched concept?Besides,who would the Lord have to report his sacred accomplishments to?—Nobody,because he is of course The Man,Head-Honco,Boss,Big -Cheese,Master of Ceremony for the entire Cosmos throughout time!Some I guess just can’t even wrap their head around that I’m afraid.