Zoom outage snarls Sunday worship services

Was your church affected by the zoom outage on Sunday? Ours sure was. We use zoom for Theology class, Bible Study, Sunday school, coffee hour and the like. We have videographers for the services.

Yes, our church in MA had difficulty using zoom this Sunday, too

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It was very frustrating! I thought it was just me.

Yes, thankfully we were meeting in person for the most part (socially distanced, A/C turned off, most wearing masks, no passing of any items between people, singing outside only and distanced even more than 6ft, visiting afterward outside only and with social distancing). A handful of people stayed in cars outside, and I know of at least one family that stayed home completely. We were doing an abbreviated service inside with Zoom for the other folks. When we learned there was a Zoom outage, we switched to our own in-house audio only server that we regularly stream to members anyway. They didn’t get video, but they could listen to what was said.

My adult Bible class meets via WebEx, so we didn’t have any problems meeting that evening. I don’t know if Zoom got fixed by then. The main adult Bible class uses Zoom. I’m in a smaller, cooler class. :sunglasses:

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