World from nothing

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I have a problem. The best scientific proof of being God was that world couldn’t appear without any reason from nothing. And now I saw theory that says it could. I mean quantum fluctuation. Can someone explain it for me please? Sorry, my English is so bad.

(Larry Bunce) #2

Welcome to the BioLogos forum. English may have simpler grammar than other languages, but it has many features and rules that can make it very difficult to learn. I think you wanted to say that the best scientific proof of the existence of God is that the world couldn’t have sprung into being from nothing, without the assistance of a supernatural being, but that a feature of quantum theory indicates that matter can come into existence from nothing by natural law.
The BioLogos position as I understand it is that the existence of God must be accepted on faith, and is outside the realm of science to prove or disprove. Quantum theory does not prove that God does not exist.

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