Willie James Jennings | Hollow Places, Hallowed Places

When faced with something completely new, how will our theology help us to respond? Willie James Jennings helps us to look back into history at a time when colonialist settlers came into contact with new land and new people and found in their theology a justification to bring order to the world they found.

Our theology today is built upon the idea that the hollow places of the earth are filled with treasures for our taking, rather than the idea that the earth is a hallowed place that glorifies God in all its treasures.

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I’m finally getting to this podcast, and it’s outstanding. His discussion of colonialism, possession and stewardship, and their interplay with Christian theology is brilliant and worthy of thorough listening. Thanks so much for this outstanding conversation.

And it’s always fun to hear @jstump and a guest bust up together. (Occurs about 47:50)

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