William Lane Craig, Mouflon Sheep, and Heterozygosity (Part 2)

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William Lane Craig believes that a scientific case can be made for humanity descending uniquely from a single couple – but does the evidence support his claim?
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As always, thank you for reading, and I am available to answer questions. This blog finishes up the material we started in the last post, so there may be questions relating to both now that this material is posted. Thanks!


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Are you giving Craig and the Mouflon Sheep too much “air time”? It really isn’t even a blimp in what genetic knowledge has been acquired historically and recently. You are the absolute best at describing really hard genetic papers and results. Forget about Craig and help us understand this month’s latest results from genetic like Pablo Savant latest results

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More interesting than sheep… 10 really scary Dinosaur-age carnivores…

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Titanoboa could be the next Sy Fy Channel movie hit :smile:

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Hi Patrick,

You’re correct that the work of Craig (or Poythress) is not at all relevant to working scientists in these fields. I’m writing this series (and the one before it, Evolution Basics) as a way to (1) educate fellow believers about these areas of science, and (2) counteract the misinformation that folks like Craig and Poythress are promulgating. Many evangelicals look to apologists like Craig and Poythress as having definitively refuted the scientific evidence that we evolved, or that we descend from a population rather than a pair.

Until believers have an accurate understanding of the science, theological reflection on these issues will be hampered. I’m not a theologian, so that task will be assisted by others.

Thanks for the question,


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Thanks. Please note that I appreciate the detailed work in explaining the genetics behind the Mouflon Sheep. I was only saying this because it was putting Biologos’ Prize fighter into the ring with a scientific weakling. But the effort wasn’t wasted as can’t you use some of it in explaining the commingling of Sapien/Neanderthal/Denosivan genomes? To me, the whole question of what is a human gemone is so close to being unraveled.

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