Will the Covid-19 vaccination mandate spark religious wars?

now is the Pastor of Destiny Christian Church. Meet Pastor Greg & Kathy Fairrington at Destiny Church.

I guess I just don’t understand why people think that choosing not to get a vaccine is “religious freedom”. Did I miss something in the Scriptures?

Also…from the article:
“We are going to have people who, unfortunately, die of COVID, but it’s such a small percent,” Farrington said in December. “People are getting sick, but they’re recovering from this sickness.”

He should tell that to the family members of the over 600k people who have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. alone. Like that little boy who lost both his parents due to COVID-19. Could he look him in the eyes and say that?


At my advancing age of 73, I am well-persuaded that the human capacity for “selective bias” is one of humanity’s most amazing skills. Hesitantly, I wonder if the Assemblies of God core doctrine, i.e. “Divine Healing”, contributes substantial justification for the “selective bias” in the ‘Rocklin Church’ case.

As the child of life-long Deaf parents, I remember the confident prayers of Hearing church members for divine healing of someone’s deafness [more common–I think–among Pentecostals.]


There are naive enough people to make arguments like the pastor above and then there are people who actually knows whats going on around them and hense dont way to take a rushed"politicized "vaccine on them. But thats just my opinion of course everyone is responsible for their actions

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