Why is the world the way it is?

Why did God create some animals with disabilities? If homosexuality, murder, cannibalism, and more is immoral, why do some animals act homosexual? Why do animals eat each other? Why did God create them this way? Why did God create people with disabilities? Why didn’t God create the world perfect?


He can not. If He could do better, He would. Therefore He cannot. Otherwise He’d be immoral. What is immorality?

God can do as he pleases and he has no limits

Well just to begin there are multiple views of somethings like same sex attraction. But those discussions tend to get turned into a PM. Not because they are trying to hide it I think but more because while everyone agrees murdering a innocent person is bad or eating another human for food is bad and you can typically call those things out without hurting innocent people the same can’t be said for sexuality. Many may even be coming here trying to tease that subject apart outside of their toxic church family they grew up with.

But you could ask why are men attracted to woman? I’m presuming you are currently in the mindset of marriage and then intimacy. So why would God allow men and women to be attracted to the opposite sex before marriage? Why let physical attraction and hormones happen in younger people?

Let’s say Yahweh can do whatever he wants. Why place a forbidden tree in a garden? Why allow his son to die? Why allow humanity to even choose sin? Why not make us robots who can only do good.

It seems Yahweh allows us to carry out free will. We choose.

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In a perfect world, you and I probably wouldn’t exist. If any “animals” existed, I suspect that they’d be automatons with artificial intelligence. That would mean, IMO, you and I wouldn’t exist; although an automaton called “Rohan” and an automaton called “Terry” might exist. And neither of us would be asking “Why do we exist?” Personally, I don’t think you and I would miss each other if one of us didn’t exist. But I can’t imagine automatons being grateful for existing. On the other hand, I sure am… grateful, that is.


No morality then?

So… morality can come from something that has no morality. Is that right? Just checking.

My theory is that God doesn’t really care about these things(there’s a bigger :fish: to fry) and it’s us making Big Deal out of it. But that’s just my opinion.

Atheists seem to claim that all the time.

It’s good to be grateful Terry, good for you. On the other hand… You’re not suggesting God made an awful world so that we can be… grateful? Cause people who do things just so others can be grateful are some of the nastiest of them all

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I claim that also. And I am not an atheist.

I was just wondering if that was ok with Rohan.

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Nope, I’m not suggesting that. Just thinking, being grateful is a sure sign, IMO, that I’m not an automaton, … nor as much a curmudgeon as some folks around here like to believe.

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I agree he does not care. I was framing a question within what I believe the OPs paradigm is. I come at the Bible from a very different place than the OP. If I recall they are a teenager and heavily influenced by YEC. So his questions are based on a contention I don’t have.

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Perfect is a subjective word, for many people perfect world is different, for God, who had a goal in mind, this world was as good as it gets to fulfill it’s purpose.

So yeah, it’s counter-intuitive, but the “perfect world” without suffering was actually a bad option compared to this one. And that shows how much humans misunderstand him if they think that “perfect world” is the thing God desires the most.

So He can He make in, out? Black, white? Up, down? An object impossible to lift? A morally developed being? A happy marriage?

And if he has no limits, why does he limit himself to mediocrity? It must please him. Why does he ‘allow’ meaningless suffering? It must please him.

Such a warped, Lovecraftian, stone age deity; I have no interest in.

Do you think that God creates each individual? Is He that hands-on? If so, e are just playthings in a cruel prison destined to do the best we can with our own individual advantages and disadvantages. is that how you see creation?
Why should disabilities be deliberately formed? Or are you saying that God should have put in place parameters that prevented disabilities? What about those that are consequences of accidents, malice, or disease? Are they also culpable to God?
Why do you think that carnivorism is wrong? Can’t you see that if there were no predators some creatures would multiply out of control? Perhaps God should have made more vulnerable creatures indigestible? So that only “prey” Or bred food animals) could be killed for food? Perhaps you think that a prey animal has an unfair pressure on their life? DOn’t you see that the Plant life cycle relies on the life (and death) cycle of the Animal Kingdom for its own survival?
What is the alternative? Birth control? enforced veganism?
Ecology becomes much more complex the more you delve into it. Glib solutions like vegetarianism soon dissolve.
What is wrong with homosexuality? What harm does it do?

The general view is that God is amoral, that is, not subject to human views of morality. Why? because the so-called big picture" of creation precludes moral distinctions. We cannot judge God by human values because we do not have the information or concerns that God must have to create the Universe. I mean of what value is a distant sun or planet that we will never interact with other than seeing a speck of light (if that)? Does all creation have to have rhyme and reason? And do we have to be a part of them?

Sometimes it is better not to ponder things that are beyond both our comprehension and our power to change.


As far as I understand, biblical scriptures do not promise that we would live in a perfect world or ‘paradise’ during our current life. In NT, the believers are promised the opposite - suffering, persecution because of faith in Jesus. That in addition to the ‘normal’ suffering that is part of the life of almost every human on Earth.

For some reason, God has not yet changed the situation. Instead, Jesus came to live the life of a human, taking part in the suffering. He also proclaimed the message of the Kingdom of God that will come in the future. Suffering now, rest in the future. I don’t understand why but that was the message.

I think the reason is that the alternative may seem better but only if you accept the labotomy that goes with it.


Perhaps rewind a little.

Evangelicalism teaches that “God made the world perfect”. Congregations simply accept that supposedly “biblical teaching”.

But pause. What does Genesis 1 actually say? Does it actually say “perfect”?

Evangelicalism pushes us in that direction: “Genesis 1 says perfect”. And, if we fail to check, we accept that as supposedly “biblical”.

But look again. “And God saw that it was good.” The word is “good”. Not “perfect”. At the end of the sixth day it becomes “very good”. Still not “perfect”.

So perhaps rewind to the beginning. Distinguish what evangelicalism might lead you to believe about Genesis versus what it actually says. “Good”, heading towards “very good”. But not “perfect”.

Ponder that difference. (Such pondering won’t necessarily provide answers. But it might help us frame different, perhaps more appropriate questions of the text.)


What’s immoral is lumping homosexuality (a benign condition folks are born with) with murder and cannibalism.


Don’t forget to add eating shrimp, getting tattoos, working on Saturdays, and wearing clothes with a mix of cotton and wool to the list of immoral acts. Just sayin’. :wink:

I would argue that morality requires a certain level of sentience and sapience which other species just don’t have. It makes as much sense for a non-human animal to be immoral as it does a hurricane or an earthquake. They just are, and they do what they do. Morality, to me, involves knowing what the emotional impact of your actions will be on others and the empathic ability to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes. As far as I am aware, humans are the only species capable of this type of empathy and reason, so we are the only ones where morality really makes sense.

As to the Problem of Suffering, that’s a long standing theological dilemma that many have tackled, and I have yet to see a very satisfying answer to the problem.


One way to answer the question of suffering in the OP besides going too Biblical on the topic of sin, corruption and restoration of things, would be something like this:

I don’t know why things are the way they are now, but Jesus was here and suffered with us.
I don’t understand the technical details of this action but it gives me a lot of Hope that God has a plan for us.

Job is still the Christian answer. And it boils down to “if you are free to live then you are free to suffer or die” there is no rhyme or reason and it certainly is not divine punishment.

God provides strength to endure rather than the removal of trial and tribulation. And sometimes it is simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are standing by a volcano when the pressure has built to bursting point then you will get caught in an explosion and hot lava. Acts of God are a clause in Insurance not identifying the cause.


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