Why BioLogos Matters: 5 Reasons Why 2015 Was Our Most Important Year Ever

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BioLogos is at a “hinge point” in our history.
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Great work by all the staff at Biologos. Thank you, it has been a pleasure learning from you.

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I did the second like. Oh, Patrick. Call me Edward. Since you are a friend even though we have differences of opinion, you are still all right. Best Wishes for the holiday. If I didn’t trust you, I would not give you my real name. :smile_cat:

Charles Edward Miller, Jr.
Hampton Roads, Virginia

Post Scriptum: I did also tell you the truth about Henry Tudor. Also, ancestral grandmother Catherine Tudor of Beraine may have murdered my ancestral grandfather Morris Wynne. Typical Tudor madness. I am glad I do not have it.

(Patrick ) #4

I would like to thank Biologos for their nice Merry Christmas card.

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests” Luke 2:14

Despite what Luke writes, I am sure that Biologos wishes peace and goodwill to all people whatever they believe or don’t believe.

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Big thanks to BioLogos staff for all the hard work and for all the positive outcomes of BioLogos’s many initiatives. May the “hinge” be an inflection point increasing the slope of the curve!

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: and Happy New Year everyone :pray:

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