What the earliest known writing, piece and time, of Jewish writings found in the Bible?

I’m curious what the earliest solid evidence people have for Judaism? It can’t be something that mentions a specific war, because that could have been written later. I’m curious what’s the oldest Jewish writing.

The oldest physical copy of any actual writings that I know of are king’s seals from about 750 BC. We have good archeological evidence of a large increase (a bit over doubling) in population in Caanan around 1200 BC. The newcomers occupied the highlands, had distinctly different pottery, and had almost no pork in their diet.

Linguistics can add an interesting additional point: some of the names of local kings in Joshua (Piram, Sheshai, etc.) are Hurrian. Hurrian had all but disappeared by 1100 BC.


I found this article interesting, written from a primarily Jewish perspective:

‘the 10th century BCE’

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