What Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Say About Black Suffering

I’m not Black, and this is a white forum, but I thought this essay by Esau McCaulley was really good:

What Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Say About Black Suffering

“I am often asked what gives me hope to go on, given the evil I see in the world. I find encouragement in a set of images more powerful than the photos, videos and funerals chronicling Black death: the vision of all those Black bodies who trusted in God called back to life, free to laugh, dance and sing. Not in a disembodied spiritual state in some heavenly afterlife but in this world remade by the power of God.”


Thank God for teachers like him.

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I have too many books going, including his “Reading While Black.” It’s good so far, although I need to narrow my reading down, soI can focus better and rmember what I’ve read. The podcast with him was excellent.

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