What does Biologos think about the possible alternative treatment of COVID19 using ivermectin?

Hi everyone, I listened to part of a recent senate hearing (12/8/20) on CSPAN ( https://www.c-span.org/video/?507035-1/medical-response-covid-19&live= ) about the data for the use of Ivermectin to both protect against infection and to treat patients after infection compiled since August when the CDC rejected its use. What Dr. Pierre Kory said in the hearing sounded very reasonable, especially that this medicine is readily available and inexpensive. So I wanted to hear what Dr. Francis Collins, or others with more expertise than I, thought about the data that has been compiled where this drug is being used to combat COVID19. It is certainly appealing to hear of something that is proactive and could protect the frontline workers as well as treat patients who have contracted the disease. I look forward to your response.

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A few brief thoughts:

  • Medical efficacy is not determined by Senate hearing. The entire thing was a waste of time and money. This isn’t a matter to be judged by any politicians.
  • Medical efficacy isn’t determined by expert witnesses. In a legal sense, an expert witness is good to have and important to establish, but in a scientific sense, expert opinion is arguably one of the lower forms of evidence. This is roughly a chart talking about why Dr. Francis Collins’ expert opinion is say of higher value than me or you, but is not the ultimate arbiter of truth:

I would look to things like what @Klax found just now for the time being.


I think as stated, it is not within the scope of BioLogos to have a position, but can safely say that if you have worms, it should help with that aspect.


Or lice! I can’t argue with that.
There is some toxicity with ivermectin. I like @klax’s and @pevaquark’s posts. Dr Collins has a blog at the NIH, and if you have something not answered by Klax’s post, then you could post the question there.

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to Randy


Thank you all for your responses. When I watched Dr. Kory speak, he referred to compiling data from many studies around the world since August when the NIH statement came out. He was just asking for the data collected to be looked at and considered. I have no political agenda, I just want my friends in the medical community and the African American community to have as much help as possible. I know there are a lot of experts on this website which I just joined recently for my own benefit. I really like the balanced approach to controversial science topics that I find here. I am a retired middle school Science Teacher who cares about a lot of issues, but doesn’t know what I as one person can do about them. So I pray, a lot. God bless each of you in your sphere of influence


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