What did Jesus say?

Did you find something you can quote that shows how Allah delivered him? Elijah Muhammad inspired him to hate whitey while he was in prison, IIRC

Ditto with Mormons.

Quote a hundred or so, if you don’t mind. Malocolm X is one of my heroes.

Sure. Believe me, I do not doubt that Jesus is God. But that cannot be proved empirically, it is something we believe to be true on the basis of faith.

Neither does the transformation of lives empirically prove that the words of Jesus in the Gospel were actually at one time spoken by him.

Again, I believe that Jesus word’s in the Bible are his words. I can give good reasons to support that claim, but I cannot prove it with cold, hard evidence.

Is that all? Here’s one: Book of Mormon Testimonies - YouTube
Be sure to read the comments

When a critical mass is reached, chemists, scientists, the FDA approve a drug to treat certain diseases/illnesses. By that I mean that they perform tests on people to analyze the impact of medications to do what their manufacturers contend. It is often very difficult to out perform a placebo. Amazing, isn’t it?

Scientists conduct polls based on models that predict how a certain percentage of those sampled translates into millions who will respond the same way. It is a scientifically valid method of forecasting how people en masse will behave.

If you look at the testimonies of born from above Christians from a span of over 2 millennia who are from every type of geographical, chronological, religious, educational, economic, racial, etc background, there is overwhelming, overwhelming evidence that by following certain steps to engage Christ in a spiritually transformating manner, He must be risen even as He promised.

Well you recall incorrectly. You might want to read The Autobiography of Malcom X. It has been quite a few years since I read it.

It is one of my favorite books. I remember it well. He was an amazing man. His personal prediction of his murder is on the cover.

Sarcasm isn’t apparent in a text exchange. Assuming you were being sarcastic.

He was and remains one of the most inspiring people to me of all time. He had incredible will power, a keen mind, a thirst for meaning, a thirst to save his people, devotion equal to Vince Lombardi, another hero of mine.

So he makes a good case for Islam being the real deal? According to your argument it does.

Exactly. That was my point. Look what happens when they call on Christ? So, you agree?

That is not my argument at all. Quote him thanking Allah for saving him from addiction, please. I’ve asked for that type of testimony several times. You can PM me from now on for this discussion.

Quote hundreds more. That was my original request.

Are you a Mormon?

Does this prove that Jesus’ words are accurately recorded in the Bible though? Since, by this same logic, the testimony of countless muslims over the last 1500 years would constitute (by your reasoning above) that Mohammed really is the final prophet. Or what of a religion that has existed far longer than Christianity (eg. The Hindu faith).

Whilst I believe in the reliability of the New Testament, all I am trying to say is that I (we?) cannot conclusively or scientifically prove that Jesus word’s really are recorded in the Gospels. Even though many lines of evidence give me good reasons to believe that Jesus’ words and life has been accurately recorded and carefully passed down to us. Many of these reasons are faith informed and few would pass a scientific definition of evidence.

I hope that clarifies my position for you.


You asked for a hundred quotations from Mormons. Stop moving the goalposts. They aren’t calling on the Christ of the Bible.

Then Jesus answering said unto them, “Go your way, and tell beaglelady what things ye have seen and heard: how the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, to the poor the Gospel is preached."

non sequitur

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Yes, it does. If his words were not recorded accurately, if we didn’t know Who He was as the result of what was written down, we wouldn’t know Him. That’s the point. That’s why no one else has ever done what He has. No one else said what He said.


You asked for a hundred quotations from Mormons. Stop moving the goalposts. They aren’t calling on the Christ of the Bible.

No. You offered them, told me where to look. I didn’t go there. I looked elsewhere. I found many calling upon Christ. How do you know which Christ they were calling upon?

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