Two quotes that highlight the difference between YEC and EC

First quote is from a poster for the upcoming YEC movie “Is Genesis History?”

Second quote is from Christian writer Francis Spufford:

When people who believe in God talk about God, we don’t mean that a being exists who is an animal like ourselves, only bigger and cleverer and more complex. We don’t think He lives in the universe. In fact we don’t think that He exists in any environment; we don’t imagine that He had to grow, or evolve, or appear, or emerge, thanks to some process or other. It’s the other way up. We think that all processes exist thanks to Him.

Source: p.68 of this book.

Let’s compare and contrast together.

So are they saying God was tired and had to sit, think about it and figure it out?

Certainly I do not disagree with the person of God (or the God in three persons, to be more lyrically correct) but the poster does anthropomorphize God in a way that is off-putting. The Spufford quote is right on.
So much to say, but will leave it here for now.

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I think it’s more about creating a dichotomy between natural processes and actions of an “intelligent agent” (i.e. God).

The funny thing is that evolutionary creationists (if I may speak for them) agree with the second part of the quote (broadly speaking) but don’t agree that it invalidates the first part. OF COURSE we think the universe is created by an intelligent agent. But when that agent is a being outside of space and time, we must resist the urge to anthropomorphize his creative actions.

Here’s a BioLogos post which I think does a good job of expressing this: God is More Than an Intelligent Designer - Article - BioLogos