Turning Points In History

One day The Anointed was strolling down the lane and shouting,

        Hey, y’all!  I’m the light of the world!  Come git wit’ me.  
        I’ll unburden you!  And, while we’re hangin’ out, we’ll have 
        a feast.  Got some fishes and loaves in this here 

It so happened at that same moment a couple of the righteous were looking on.

				Righteous One
		He’s proclaiming the power of God unto himself!

				Righteous Two

And now, a couple of epochs later, another quote from The Book of The Semi-Incendiary

Regarding turning points in history,

Just as:

Laws are made to be broken

Morals are made to be transcended

Life 1st_Morals 2nd

Addendum – and thus spoke Malcolm X: “To the globally reviled and rejected, are you listening?”

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Great rap .

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