TREY the Explainer on Leviathan

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So the excellent Paleontology YouTuber TREY the Explainer, made a video on Leviathan in the Tanakh:

Interesting speculation that Leviathan may have surrounded the earth disc. One minor error is the statement that humans always seem to hate snakes. Which as @gbrooks9 knows, is mostly not true at all.

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Seems pretty good for a paleontologist if the @Reggie_O_Donoghue only found one error 20+ minutes end right at the end of the video. It’s a little bit beyond what I necessarily would be able to critique but it sounds like he consulted recently scholarly work as much as he could. What do you think about it outside of the one comment at the end?

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Wow. I hate snakes :slight_smile:
but I thought there is evidence in anthropology that if you present a picture of snakes to children of the ape family (humans and great apes) and show fear or emit a high yelp, they learn fear of snakes easily–whereas it doesn’t work with flowers.

Interesting post. Thanks.

sorry–addendum–you were likely just tongue in cheek.

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Dang, what a great name! If I ever start a podcast, my name will be JAY the Mansplainer. Coming to a channel near you soon …

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Serpent worship is very common around the world, the serpent was seen of as a symbol of immortality. This idea even shows up in Isaiah 6, where Seraph may as well be translated as ‘serpent’, given how ‘saraph’ is a common noun for snake. This interpretation is consistent with Egyptian Uraeus depictions.

Now for some examples of snake worship:








Sri Lanka:


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Good examples! Interesting how we have an apparent fascination with snakes–or at least, that’s what it appears.

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That is very interesting,Reggie. @Reggie_O_Donoghue

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