They’re Blowing up the Texas Hill Country

Kathryn made a visit to her old home and discovered a world of difference as the aggregate mining industry has moved into the area.

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The situation with the aggregate industry is an excellent example of the problems we have to balance. We want good jobs for working class families, we want good roads, we want strong concrete to build our buildings, but we don’t want a gravel pit in our backyard. As individuals, we cannot affect the broader societal issues, and have to work together to provide reasonable regulations, knowing that doing so comes at a cost.


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I’m with you, Phil. I’m happy to be an accomodationalist where public policy is concerned.

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It does get disheartening at the amount of destruction that keeps happening. A lot of times they are working borderline illegally escaping by their teeth with loopholes. Often, just a handful of people at a local vote can keep it from happening.

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