The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is January 18-25, 2023. The theme is “Do good; seek justice” from Isaiah 1:17

Here are some Resources from the World Council of Churches

My church always participates in this, praying for the unity that Christ prayed for. We also have a pastor from a different denomination as a guest preacher. This year it will be a Lutheran pastor. .

Does your church observe this special week of prayer?


This is neat, I’ve never heard of this!

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Really? It’s been observed for over 100 years. Maybe it’s just a mainline church thing.

I have never heard of it either. Quite honestly, in dealing with some in the local church community, I find most are hesitant to join together and be unified except for very limited programs, as the leadership feels that doing so might weaken their congregations and affect the programs they promote internally. There is some validity to it, as most church groups have limited resources and you have to steward them well, but there are also some underlying power and control issues that are not as righteous.


Yeah SBC raised soooo. :rofl:

Sounds like insecure leadership, to me anyway.

My experience with SBC churches as a young person is that they tend to be exclusivist. My way or the highway, baby!

Well we hardly even knew other options existed #Texas :rofl:

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In the little Texas town where my grandparents lived, there were two Baptist churches and one Methodist church. Because after all, a Methodist is a Baptist who’s afraid of water.

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