The Theology of Leap Years

It’s a leap year. What does this mean? Why did God choose to create a year ratio that needs so much calculation and explanation?

It’s crazy that we came up with this thing called “keeping time” somehow, isn’t it?

It is definitely not how people would have designed it and doesn’t really favor the idea of design at all. I think God’s design is limited to the laws of nature which enabled the complexity of life and the details like this are not a matter of design but the automation of the mathematical structure of space-time.

I think it has to do with the fall and the curse of creation. Everything was tidy and even up to that point.:wink:
Perhaps whatever you say about God, one of his attributes is not OCD. It does bother me that October is not the eighth month. December not being the tenth, not so much. We Yanks have never really bought in to the metric system, loosely associated.
Let’s not get started on daylight saving time. Seriously, let us not start it this year. Sure, you say we get that hour of sleep back in the fall, but the reality is, it is gone forever.


SO TRUE!! :rofl:

If they are the laws of nature, God can’t design them. They are independent of Him, or the if null then not null principle, apart from in their instantiation.

Such a non-issue!

And how many angels can dance on the head of a pin again?

Because God has a sense of humor.

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Then again, look at π (pi)


You are of course free to believe as you choose in this regard. There is no objective evidence either way. But as an argument, that is as silly as the silliest arguments I have heard for the existence of God, like arguing that complexity means it must be made by an intelligent designer. Counter examples so easily show how absurd such arguments are. In your case, I can point to any machine such as a watch, and the fact that it operates on its own independent of anyone does not mean that it was not designed by anyone. Nor does the name we give something imply anything about its origin. I certainly cannot prove that you were created by God simply by calling you “Jehovah’s little golem.”

Oh… I changed the wording in my post from “mathematical laws of space-time” to “mathematical structure of space-time” since I think the so called “laws of nature” pretty much follow from the geometry and certainly nothing like human legal statues.

BUT as a little reminder… this forum is for Christians who support evolution. It is a basic premise here therefore that God is responsible for our existence and posts can take this for granted and the posters are not required to prove any such thing. If you don’t like that you can go elsewhere.

4 ( 1/1 - 1/3 + 1/5 - 1/7 + … ) what’s so much?

And what’s it, or the orbital period of the 3rd rock from a second class yellow dwarf type G, about 15kly along the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way, redundantly phrased, galaxy, got to do with God?

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