The Supernatural:The apostles and Christ

Since the age of apostles has come to pass there is nothing close to a supernatural experience the Christian gentiles (or Jews have lived)The healings the apostles did would be the last of the miracles.I have wondered why this ability didnt pass down to other Christians expect the apostles.The were speciall because they walked and talked with Christ as well as receiving first the Holy Spirit.But is that the case? Why cant Christians feel that supernatural feeling the apostles felt.Or can they?We as Christians we say have recieved the Holy Spirit in us but we dont always feel that kind of feeling the apostles had.We might question our faith sometimes.What made the apostles to be able to never turn their backs?Was it that they actually saw Christ risen?Was the receiving of the Holy Spirit?vWere the miracles they did trough God?What did they had that the Christian is lacking today which may sometimes result in losing their faith?

Well typically cessationist believe that the miracles of laying on of hands ceased, but not miracles through prayer. Though some believes that as well. However, as beneficial as it would be to have them, I believe that faith, the church, snd scriptures is enough. One of the main reasons why I personally believe miracles were booming them from the laying on of hands is also because of Satan having been just cast to earth.

But I know very few think that way here. It’s a whole separate side issue.

But in general I do believe that the majority of supernatural miracles involving resurrections and instant healings have ceased. I also believe Satan is no longer on earth or either god has pulled his leash in again to the point demonic possessions no longer occur and so that has ceased as well.

Feelings aren’t our friends. The Apostles felt just like you and I. They didn’t have supernatural feelings, whatever they could possibly be. They felt like you or I would if we’d have been there. In the physical, fully relational presence of God the robed carpenter who fed thousands through them in as long as it takes to pass the gift on for while it lasts. A few hundred heartbeats.

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