The story of Climate Consensus

Yet another video by John Cook; this one is about what the climate consensus means. It’s about 22 minutes long.

The scientific consensus on human-caused global warming has been a fierce topic for decades. To understand why, you need to know the history of consensus. The first message the public heard about the consensus on climate change was that there was no consensus. Next, scientists published a series of studies quantifying expert agreement on human-caused global warming - multiple studies found 90 to 100% agreement with multiple studies converging on 97% consensus. In response, climate deniers continued to argue there was no consensus (as well as argue scientists should stop talking about it because science isn’t done by consensus).

If you get triggered it’s too bad. Has some good Avengers and Star Trek references.

The Story of Climate Consensus

I always only go with the fully, rationally adduced evidence. Climate deniers are on the same false dichotomy as the other environmentalist ignorant fanatics at the other end.

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