The Rev. John Polkinghorne

Rest in Peace, John Polkinghorne KBE, FRS. He was a true giant in science and theology. As a theoretical physicist, he did fundamental work in the study of quarks. He then studied for the priesthood and became an Anglican Priest. He was granted a knighthood and was a fellow in the Royal Society. He wrote many scholarly books on the topic of science and theology. He even preached at my church in the city once! What a treat that was! For all his accomplishments he remained a humble man.

Rest in peace, rise in glory


An awesome mind. Met him in the car park after he gave a spell binding packed open lecture at Northampton University.


I first heard of him on a forum where someone said I sounded like him – not surprising considering we both came from theoretical physics.

Aye, you are similarly wrong, but he was better at it.

This is sad news, but I expected it sometime, given John’s age. He can now join his wife who pre-deceased him.

I persuaded a friend who was a solar physicist to attend a series of lectures John gave. He was impressed and had a great conversation with John in one of the breaks.

I hope it is not to soon to raise this question. What do people think were the best of John’s books? I have on my bookshelves the following books by John:

  • Quantum Physics and Theology
  • Science and Religion in Quest of Truth
  • Beyond Science
  • Belief in God in an Age of Science
  • Science and Theology

Of these, I think that Science and Theology is the most systematically organised.

I pray that God will raise up another Christian physicist to fill John’s shoes. In the meantime, could somebody please ensure that Alister McGrath has had his COVID-19 vaccine? We can’t afford to lose him as well.


We need a better one. One who understands that reality is self tuned, not fine tuned.

“Theology in the Context of Science” in one I particularly liked. I also enjoyed “Question of Truth” which he co-wrote with his former student. And here is his obituary, highlighting some of his achievements in more detail.

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