The problem of contemporary theoretical physics and its 40 years without any results besides confirming what was already known from previous theories and adjusting certain parameters

The problem of galaxies in the young universe and their excess of heavy materials makes me believe that the big bang at least in its current form is not correct, perhaps the universe is much older, how did it start? I don’t know but it surely implies unknown physics, to the point that it is useless to speculate because it escapes the imagination, what I am sure of is that the cmb is noise and radiation from stars with a high redshift more than 14 billion light years away, there is no dark matter or not as much as we imagine, that is, if the heavy fundamental particles last almost nothing, I do not think that the heaviest particles live longer than the top quark, the same happens with the exotic hadrons, even if they last long, I They seem like a good explanation, I mean, the heaviest particles do not form dark matter, galaxies took a long time to form because the universe is very old, there is no dark matter in galaxies and their rotations, surely it is a calculation error for using Newtonian dynamics and other approximations of jealousy without considering electromagnetism or the strong force that we remember is important because without it we literally would not be here, perhaps using gravitoelectrohydrodynamics in computational models it is more correct than the approximations of the linearized gravity vector in a current space-time celery, but it is computationally impossible, perhaps even that will not work and we must first solve the Navier Stokes equations for the relativistic case or the equation of boltzman but the current approximations are so bad they aren’t science so if it’s not the big bang never mind dark energy maybe there is no dark energy or it’s another gigantic miscalculation based on faulty models and lack of data , what I am saying is that astrophysics is not interested in speculating beyond the standard model, and if string theory is rubbish it is not science and even if it works it does not matter, since we do not know the mechanism that breaks supersymmetry and it is terribly broken , perhaps given how important this mechanism would be in the theory, even if the theory is real, it no longer has predictive capacity or it is not even a remotely valid mathematical framework, in terms of loop quantum gravity does not work because it proposes a cyclic universe at least from the approximate approximations of loop cosmology and to begin with the cmb is the noise, the isotropy and the flatness are explained with the uniformity of the laws of physics and it is it is useless to speculate on whether there is a mechanism that takes care of all this, because the energy desert can reach the planck scale, the grand unified theory does not seem to work either because the experiments with protons seem to disprove it, that is, nothing at all, let’s settle with the physics of macroscopic quantum states and accept that progress does not last forever. It is not morally correct to spend public money on physics, let’s spend it on medicine or education or lower taxes because there is nothing sensible for the government to invest, the government is inherently more inefficient spending the money on satisfying our needs than we ourselves who know more or less what we need and more importantly the government basically does not care about us, they waste all the public money, the space race for example is an example of government waste, it is better not to invest in theoretical physics, be happy with the real and with the what’s going on. Science has a practical limit and an a priori limit due to the incompleteness of Gödel, science is currently so speculative and there are so many political, economic, personal and ideological interests that it is not different from a religion, that is to say, a gigantic madness, it is not it is possible to speculate beyond the standard model because theories are too general and there are no shortages, ad hoc and post hoc hypotheses are added and the snowball of chained lies grows, it is dishonest, useless and a waste of time that could be spent on biophysics and its medical applications. What do you think?

It sounds like you could easily be promoting conspiracy theories, and I think we will learn a lot from the James Webb Space Telescope.

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