The link between communism and evolution

Evolution provides a strong basis for Communism. It is decisively a non-biblical, non-Christian theory. The Communists oppressed Christians and tried to destroy the church. Rana and Swamidass have no right to support a theory which destroys the faith. By the way the Communists harassed my grandfather to death. Genesis 1:5 says that a day is made up of evening and morning. These are meaningless if a day is a long epoch. Genesis 1:31 says that God finished creating and blessed what He had created. This is in opposition to ever-ongoing evolution. Birds came on day 5 and reptiles on day 6. Evolution has it the other way around. Rana has it completely wrong. He is also behind the secular NCBI taxonomy database which classifies Neanderthals as humans. Swamidass believes in sola evolution, because he takes evolution as fact first, he forsake biblical literal six day creation for a very bad reason.

Even if that were true (and it isn’t), that is not a valid argument against evolution. Quantum mechanics provides a strong basis for nuclear weapons. But nobody claims on that basis that quantum mechanics is incorrect.

Fazale Rana does not accept biological evolution. You’re confusing evolution and geological time here. The two are completely separate issues.


So… why don’t you go fuss at them over at Peaceful Science?


This is a bit off topic but what is peaceful science and what is the difference between it and biologos?

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First and foremost, I am truly sorry that your grandfather suffered under the boot of the Red Menace.

Regarding your baseless statement (and I wish you no ill will):

Completely ignoring the fact that Trofim Lysenko and Joseph Stalin banned Darwinian evolution and literally tortured and murdered people for supporting it, your attempted argument is invalid because it is pure guilt by association. That would be like saying Christianity leads to terrorism because people use Christus as an excuse to bomb abortion clinics.

I’m just glad we didn’t get lumped in with the shrieking house painter again.


I’ll PM you.


Many groups have tried to twist science to fit their views. That does not falsify science.

I am sorry for your grandfather’s death. Have you read Richard Wurmbrand’s “Tortured for Christ,” or Brother Andrew’s “God’s Smuggler”?

I loved these books as a child, and re read them lately. I encourage you to do so, if you get a chance. They are inspiring!

My family have also known a lady who suffered under the Communists in Czechoslovakia.

It sounds like you do think deeply. I do encourage you to read science, to learn how best to apply God’s works to His glory, as many have done, like Francis Collins in discovering about the human genome, with cystic fibrosis, breast cancer, and many more ways.



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Evolution is not a belief system. It’s a scientific model one either accepts or rejects. He accepts it, because he is a competent scientist, not because he has put his faith in an alternate belief system.


Evolution provides a strong basis for Christianity. It is the only way I can find the existence of a good all-powerful God believable. Otherwise the problem of evil and suffering, first explained by Epicurus in the fourth century BC makes the whole idea nonsensical. Evolution shows that the whole phenomenon of life requires death and suffering or their could be no life at all. It changes the equation completely. The question then becomes why would a good God create life, when life requires suffering? How can that be a good and moral thing. We answer it by asking why parents create life in giving birth to a child. Don’t they know that their child will suffer? Yes. But they also know that the child will have their love. Without that love, it would indeed be a cruel and immoral thing to do.

Evolution provides a basis for Communism? LOL LOL That would be contrary to history.
Communist Manifesto 1848
Origin of the Species 1859 eleven years later.
So of course there is no mention whatsoever of evolution in the Communist Manifesto.

The fact of the matter is that Communism is the OPPOSITE of evolution, since the free market operates on most of the same principles as evolution.

What right do you have to oppose a theory which makes my faith possible?

The way you use the Bible reminds me of the Inquisition and the long murder of people just because they have a different religion. Just because I believe in the Bible doesn’t mean I agree that it justifies your campaign of hatred against other religion whose scriptures tell a different story. I certainly do not use the Bible that way and don’t agree with you using it that way either. People do not have to believe in the Bible just because you do, and they certainly don’t have to understand the Bible in the same way as you do. I will never do so.

Evolution is not tearing down Christianity. It’s just dismantling and tearing down one silly interpretation of genesis that is really getting it wrong.


The earliest Church was communist.

Unrighteousness is the lack of that.

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“Darwin is my lord and savior,”
-definitely Dr. Kenneth R. Miller, trust me bro

The key difference being it was entirely voluntary! :wink:

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Aye, coerced only by love. We got the stark, bitter, secular form as the result of the failure of Christianity. I still admire Cuba.

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Incidently, I read Brown’s The Rise and Fall of Communism a few years ago and he tracks the seeds of Communism to Christian Utopianism in Europe.

So if there is a link to ‘evolution’ it was in this earlier sense that the world (read, European Colonial society) was progressing (or evolving) into an ever more great and prosperous, and eventually utopian, form. However, this use of ‘evolution’ long proceeds Darwin’s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. And although some would later try to combine the two meanings, the latter is distinct from the former.


My dad, a missionary surgeon who worked for the average missionary’s salary, did say he liked Cuba’s way of paying everyone the same. I’m not sure it would work to pay everyone the same, regardless of effort and studies, but my dad was a very Christlike man, who I appreciated very much.

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Evolution is a popular idea. Stalin & Co. weren’t interested in truth, but they were eager to use any idea they could to help them spread their power.

Stalin used Marxism to enhance his power. He used evolution to enhance his power. He even tried to use the Church to enhance his power. Do not believe anything lying autocrats say.

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