The legacy of an antievolutionist commando:what Norman Geisler forgot

He published hundreds of books or something.

Testified at the Arkansas Balanced Treatment Trial of 1981. Said something I cannot remember from Ronald Numbers work about God and UFOs.

Influential very much so at Dallas Theological Seminary, Campus Crusade, and the General evangelical world

Affiliated with Probe Ministries here in Dallas, with which he said something at my old church about Darwin and Hitler and Wake Forest Biology people walked out

Mentor to Ravi Zacharias, who did his eulogy.

Known as Stormin Norman within Campus Crusade.

Used lists and lists of bullet points and long quotations on his powerpoints to attempt to blast apart counter arguments

No wonder the Wake biology people walked,no wonder Gen Z is walking away.

Can Ravi be rehabilitated before he dies too?

The ID camp Geisler embraced has obliterated one relationship after another as it has marched nationwide, from Baylor to NC where the Probe incident happened.

I am sitting at Watermark church which uses Geisler’s book I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be An Atheist with Gen Z
Maybe the Geisler thing cannot be stopped, this intense culture war against the university

Probe has a ministry at the University of Texas at Dallas called Reasonable Faith and reaches hundred of undergrads through a ministry called FOCUS

Maybe the Geisler thing cannot be stopped.,

But Geisler forgot to listen to his audience or lived an echo chamber. It seems to me.

And Gen Z continues to walk as it follows professors instead of pastors who follow Geisler’s war with professors.

What exactly is to be done here at the epicenter of national creationism in Dallas?

I found out about Geisler’s death through his opponents, the National Center for Science Education

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Hi Josh.

Well, I don’t know very much about Geisler in the context of the evolution topic, but I just had an epiphany… I have his Christian Ethics book on my shelf, but I haven’t read it yet.

But you ask a worthwhile question. What is to be done when it seems like a significant portion of the church is not yet on board with your perspective? I feel that too sometimes, especially with topics like evolutionary creation.

I think a good start is just having conversations (hey, I know of a good place where that happens, wink, wink). Dialogue and discussing the issues, and working out your faith in a community of believers is where it’s at. And we should share (or try to arrive at) the truth in love always.

I think the momentum of the church is swinging toward an evolutionary creation view, and probably some day people who hold to a young earth view, or are not acknowledging evolution, may be rare birds. But shifts in thinking do take a long time.


Yes thank you for your thoughtful response. Sometimes I wish I had not moved to Dallas as I find the mentality about science in the churches triggering. I am asking God to show me why I spend so much time on this topic in the first place instead of getting a holistic view of the Body in Dallas

I liked his book A General Introduction to the Bible, coauthored with Nix.

What do you make of Geisler in general, of his legacy?

I honestly have not known much about him except that one book. An elder at my church had recommended it to me when I was working my way back from atheism to Christianity (after I had already returned to Christianity and was still working through some things). I found it helpful in dealing with some of the issues I had dealt with. The book doesn’t get into origins science at all, so there was nothing for me to object to.

A friend is reading the I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist book. Does it have a lot of anti-evolution stuff in it?

Geisler was known for his intense antipathy for evolution as can be seen from his connection of Darwin to Hitler in the NC episode I shared. I cannot cite a specific place where he talked about evolution at this moment, but he thought like a lawyer fighting a holy war in God’s name, and wrote a book called Creation and the Courts I believe.