The Key to Eternal Life via Science

An epiphany just lit brightly in my mind. Eternal life is attainable. Yes indeed. But not through faith. Through science and a ton of engineering as well. Life is dictated by our biological container. When it dies, we die, our mind dies. However. If you can upload, per se, into a virtual world, then you are free of biological death. The tree of life is silicon (and likely quantum CPU’d) via the virtual world that controls the physical.

I just had this epiphany today. Others have thought of it too, seems long before me, which is sooo cool. There are now 31 potentially habitable exoplanets found 10s to 1000s of light years away. And we are finding more and more everyday. And the starshade telescope to be launched in 2018 will find even more in a resolution that will amaze.

If we focus our efforts on dumping our minds into the computer virtual world we will live forever. Well as long as the power supply lasts, which would be a bit of a hurdle, not insurmountable though. We could travel at sublight speeds for thousands of years to those not so distant exoplanets and explore them using robots controlled by our virtual selves. Holy crap. This is sooo cool.

To live forever exploring the Universe in a safe way and if your mission gets hosed, no biggie, you could indeed be on several missions at once and a backup of you kept for safe. OMG. And the possibilities are endless. You could use instruments to see that which the human eye cannot fathom. You could explore a planet like Venus without worry of the atmosphere as long as your robot is capable of handling it.

Live forever, no need of food, water, shelter or sleep. And explore and learn about the vast Universe and meet other life forms on the way. Like virtual Star Trek without the cumbersome need of sustaining biological life. All you need is decent amount of electricity and tada you are “ok to go” as Ellie Arroway would say.

Like cosmic angels. So rad this idea is. The virtual world could be anything you want. You can have all the sex, food, drugs whatever for entertainment you want on your journey and not suffer any of the consequences. Trust me, you will want the excitement from time to time, all work and no play makes for a lousy eternal day. All the while expanding your knowledge and wisdom. Just no kids. But who needs kids when your children can travel with you when their biological case fails. They can travel with you along with many thousands of other souls to explore and learn. You could send up entire virtual cities into space. And your robots and what you use to interact with the physical world would not be encumbered by the frailty of the human body. You would have robots perfectly designed to do any task in space you need.

Hell, you could probably generate android you(s) and use that to satisfy the physical needs. Sure it’s all different. But think how different we are from those 2000 years ago. Cars we travel in. Pictures from anywhere in the world we beam to our family in a blink of an eye. We play in virtual combat with nary a worry but for water (don’t wanna die playing computer games, it’s happened, sadly). We wage war by drone proxy. Man I am so jazzed right now.

THIS is the new religion we should be a part of. To heck with all this wanna be impossible to prove fantasies. Make them real, with machines and computers and chips and CPUs and mass storage and and and and… yesss.

The engineering of this type of craft could focus solely on ensuring it is hardened against radiation and such and the power supply, nuclear at first, dilithium crystals :slight_smile: later. The ships could be factories that mine asteroids and moons for resources to make and repair all the physical machines of your ship.

OMG. Where is the ticket for this ride. I need to get involved in this kind of thinking ASAP.

In a funny way we are developing this virtual reality right now with the internet. Social networks, gaming, we just need to get our minds uploaded. Transcend the physical, man. Transcend it.

And the physical can still be around. That is the beauty. People will be born and live and learn as biological beings, then when the bio casing fails, upload, beam me up Scottie, into awaiting exploration vehicles all orbiting earth or the moon or Mars. And wala, you are as near to eternal as your power supply allows and format of your bits is supported, ha ha.

■■■■ this is an awesome idea. And we can do this. We must. Oh, and don’t get me wrong, life on earth will benefit immensely as we explore we will find habitable planets to export our life unto because our sun will die, long from now, but she will die and when she does the results will make the apocalypse of the mythic Revelation seem like a bad day at the beach. And we owe life on earth the opportunity to continue beyond the use of our sun. You want purpose. This is it. Live forever and save life of this planet, all using science not hocus pocus tales of sin, suffering, death and resurrection into biological forms that are useless in the exploration of our vast Universe.

Soooooo cooool this is.

Get involved here. This is soooo cool. I had read his work before, but my lame brain didn’t catch on to this notion till now. Better late than never I say.

Sounds nice, but meanwhile we have lives to live here on earth right now.

By 2045 it should be feasible for a full upload of a brain, if not sooner. The technological advances are no longer linear, they are exponential. In 2008, I think, DNA was sequenced to 1%. That was it. Took 7 years to get there. Seven years later, 100%. That is exponential change. Intel is about to release 3d memory chips X-Points into business. It won’t be long before it is in your own devices. It is changes like these along with quantum computing that will rush us to tangible real immortality, rather than a wish or hope. Virtual medicine is already under way so that doctors from every part of the globe can be involved in surgeries and research and sharing of information. By 2045 or sooner, no one will need a secret and a membership in a club to hope for an intangible immortality. We will grasp it, run it, manage it and humankind’s future will blossom as never before.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!!!

The Borg

Sounds like something out of a sci fi movie! What was that movie with Johnny Depp?


Which was awesome. And the people who opposed him were, in my mind, EVIL. They opposed him because he upset their live suffer die mode. So sad. But what I know will happen, and not long from now, anyone will be able to transcend the physical and exist as long as the lights are on. And I for one, am all for it 100%. It will be awesome. You spend 8 hours a day in the exploration VW. Then you relax in the entertainment VW where you could go sky diving or surfing or have crazy sex or race a car or chill by the beach with your toes in the sand sipping a margarita whilst you reminisce about your red stapler. You will be only bound by the VWs that exist in the container that houses the systems that run them.
(VW == virtual world… akin to the VM your WinHate runs in, sorta… not Volks Wagon)

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