The Future of the Church in Society

Isn’t there also a false nobility among many YECs that appeals to their pride – they are defending God, the Bible and ‘the faith’, leading to a martyr complex and supporting tribalism? Christian nationalism isn’t Christian, nor does it have anything to do with science, and an anti-science false perspective gives conspiricism fertile soil (haven’t we seen that with antivaxxers and COVID denialism?).

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Where the church proves effective in the next 40 years will depend largely on how it understands the role of apologetics in evangelism. One of the most important apologetic passages I have found in the Bible is Acts 2:14-36. As someone who has been interested in apologetics for the past 20 years, I was taken aback when I first found it and had not seen it referred to before.

Recently I was glad to see that Craig Keener recognizes the argument being present there. An argument which depends on the testimony of the OT, eyewitness testimony for the resurrection, and a self-evident work of the Spirit.

I agree with you completely. That is exactly what my book To Know With Certainty was all about. Thank you for your comment.

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Looking at your book and reading the endorsements, that is high praise. What stood out for me immediately, is that these are people who know you personally and their words felt genuinely sincere.

As my oldest daughter is entering middle school, it’s time I read a book like this.

I loved your quote from John 17:8. It pairs very nicely with the “therefore know for certain” from Acts 2:36.

Well thank you very much. What you said was very much my intent. Yes it is the perfect time for your daughter to read the book. I suggest reading it together in case she has questions. If at any time you have questions let me know. I am very keen on getting our young people educated on the truth. Goal is to have people able to defend or contend for their faith under any situation including the college classroom.

Unfortunately the Christian church and its history of mission work has been tied to colonialism and empire and has failed to let the gospel be appropriately contextualized and naturalized in new cultural contexts. We have only begun the process of rooting out the racism and unhelpful power structures that have been imposed on our “mission field” in many places. But at least this is a topic on the radar now.


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