Tactile Wonder & Tacit Truths: Seeing Ourselves in Adam and Eve

New article today from @marusso!

When we talk about God creating Adam and Eve, it’s important not to lose the drama, power, and wonder of the story.

Probably a great companion piece to go alongside @Christy’s Approaching Adam


Seeing exquisitely evolved human nature in A&E is easy, but I refuse to see condemnation of it, of us. That anything is our fault, our original sin, or Anyone else’s. Jesus saw otherwise it seems. What is most interesting is the evolution of God, compared with His C10th-6th BCE peers. He really was the best projection of our then idealized selves, the better angels of our nature, unlike any others I am aware of; the ‘gods’. Is that explicable by Jewish experience especially culminating in the Persian Exile? Like abiogenesis, if there is no God, then it has to be. Which makes it all the more remarkable, like abiogenesis.

Jesus saw otherwise; the evolution of God continued in Him with the greatest punctuation of the equilibrium: But of course A&E is also the creation myth (the once upon a time?) in Jesus’ enculturation, which He humanly appears to have totally bought in to (unless He was very layered indeed) to the point of fulfilling its protevangelium in His faithful submission to Penal Substitutionary Atonement. The greatest culture shock, the meteorite of Daniel 2, we’re still talking about in the struggle to fill and rise above the world.

Do you think that Jesus adopted and embraced the cultural understanding of A&E of his day? What about his role as the new Israel? The fulfillment of Israel? How does Jesus’ incarnation of the story of Israel relate to A&E?

Aye. He took on everything from the protevengelium to Daniel. He was right for the wrong reason. So if He saw Himself as Isaiah’s suffering servant and the Jews understood him as Israel, then Jesus could seem Himself as Israel… as well as her husband.

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