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Congratulations! Good article @sygarte


I just happened across that on social media. Great story.


I always have to smile when I hear about the kind of transformative experience @sygarte had. Your Heart breaks open, you feel the wonder of God’s love, and your life is forever changed. Amazing.

He concluded his article with this sentence: “Most importantly, I learned that nothing I have learned came through my own merit, but only from the grace of our Lord, whose love and mercy are beyond understanding.”

I know a lot of Christians feel this way. I felt this way, too, for a time, until God dragged me through some ways of understanding our relationship with the Divine that I hadn’t previously considered.

God will often open the door to insight when we least expect it (as when we’re driving and are in a state of semi-captivity :wink:), but still, these things happen to us as human beings because we’re always worthy of God’s love (even when we believe we aren’t). After the doors of insight open, we still have a lot of choices to make. Many people desperately want to seek God’s ongoing guidance after they’ve had such an experience. (I know I did.) But not everyone does. It takes a lot of courage, patience, and healing to turn your life around, to be willing to say to others that God stepped right into your moving car to talk to you about Divine Love. So yes, you need God’s constant help during all these changes, but you’re still a child of God who is capable of so much courage and so much love. Maybe you didn’t know it before God reminded you. But you’re still pretty amazing in God’s eyes, so don’t diss yourself. Accept your strengths and your absences-of-strengths, but don’t hurt God’s amazing Heart by saying that you (a child of God) have no worthiness on your own.

You may decide you want to hold onto God’s hand each and every day (I couldn’t function any other way), but the hand on the other end of God’s hand is still yours.


You bring out an important concept, Gods loves us, not because of what we do, we don’t earn or deserve God’s love, but because of who we are. We are God’s children, God’s sons and daughters created in God’s Image. We have been lost to sin, out of right relationship with God, but brought back into right relationship to God (God was always in right relationship with us, love) thought the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our relationship to God is not based on what we have done for God and others, but our ability to our ability to accept God’s forgiveness and to love others. This is very different from the “world’s” understanding of what human worth is. .

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