Support BioLogos and the Forum!

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Hi friends,

Here’s some fun facts about BioLogos and the Forum:
-The Forum accounts for almost half of all our web traffic.
-Counting the Forum and our main site, we get about 2.5 million hits a year, from almost every country on Earth (except North Korea).
-About 10,000 people heard a BioLogos speaker in person this year.
-We get at least one letter a week (on average) from someone whose faith has been saved by our ministry, or have encountered Christ for the first time. Some weeks it is much higher than that. On several occasions, people have specifically mentioned the Forum community as a key factor in their journey.
-We are a non-profit. We sell nothing. All of our costs (including this Forum) are covered by a mixture of grants and generous gifts by people like you (as PBS would say).

If you’re a frequent Forum user and you support the BioLogos mission, I would strongly urge you to consider supporting us financially as well. The best way to do that is by becoming a monthly partner.

You can donate at:

I don’t like asking people for money, but from my (biased) perspective, BioLogos is doing incredibly important work, and we’ve got so much more to do!

Also, for those interested, here’s some of our cool fundraising videos we’ve done recently.

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