Statement on Claim of First Gene-Edited Babies by Chinese Researcher

Francis Collins, head of the NIH and founder of BioLogos, has issued a Statement on Claim of First Gene-Edited Babies by Chinese Researcher


Thanks for sharing, I had only read the SBM article that highlights many of the same things:

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The statement from Dr. Collins is dead on, and is exactly how it is viewed in the larger biomedical research community. Safety, efficacy, need, and consent are the pillars of ethical research, and it appears that this study failed on all accounts.


The gene-editing of babies was done in China. And an article in the NY Times reminds us that the Chinese government has a long history of using technology to control and manipulate reproduction.

Read Before the Claims of Crispr Babies, There Was China’s One-Child Policy
by Mei Fong

I´ve read that the university direction distanced themselves from the research. Can we expect the scientist and his team to get fired and even get charged with this? Or will the authority try to sweep this case under the blanket as good as possible?

Given the reception of the work in the West, I tend to think that the Chinese investigators will probably face sanctions in their own country. The Chinese government may want to save face on this one.

Yes, Today I learned that the Chinese minister of Science and Technology has put a halt on the research.

That won’t be good for their “social credit point” total.

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