Speculations on abiogenesis

Abiogenesis via deep sea hydrothermal vents .

Deep sea vents pump super heated water and sediments from deep inside the earth ,temps sometimes reaching 900 degrees.

The exact makeup of the outflow from said vents can change from moment to moment .

these vents are surrounded by surprisingly varied species ,some appear to feed solely on the outflow .

My speculation:
Life may still be attempting to form there (first life) ,
If so , it is likely eaten before it becomes established .
The first life was not singular , but due to the fluctuating makeup of outflow , many slightly varied forms may have been established.variation from the start .becoming more varied as these life forms adapted to new micro environments ( floating into colder water columns , to the surface and light , floating down into the silt and sand , etc)

Genesis 1:20 " let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life "

The resulting evolution of those lives hinge on reproduction :lineages , bloodlines .
If one we’re to backtrack a single lineage to the beginning , by default , the modern individual moving creature is specific , from a specific line aaallllll the way back , one crooked line back to an individual out of many .

We are moving creatures that have life .

Any thoughts on this would be welcome ,
One love (agape) God bless

That abiogenesis might still be happening is an interesting speculation that had never occurred to me. So conditioned are we by all the kerfuffle of trying to explain it (or seeing it mistakenly lumped in with evolution) that it is an extreme non-intuitive leap to go from imagining it as some historically distant special event to being a “mundane” or even ongoing process. Of course I suppose there are many good reasons to shoot down such speculations too, and you surely mentioned one of them: any life just getting off the ground would probably be easy prey for pre-existing, highly developed/adapted life. … unless it was so radically different that it wasn’t nourishing to already existent life!

It’s a cool thought! …And not incongruous with the lavishly creative God who commanded the earth to bring forth life. Thanks for the new provocative thought. And welcome to the forum by the way!

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Right , once more complex predators began feeding off the outflow , any possible formation of life would likely be gobbled up before it had time to establish a foothold …with tube worms ,clams , ghost shrimp , various crabs ,etc …some feeding exclusively at the vents , and if said " beginning life " made it past that gauntlet, there is so many more diverse predators beyond the vents , it seems unlikely that it would have much of a chance .

And thank you for the warm welcome

One of the usual arguments I hear against abiogenesis is " why isn’t life still forming there ? "
Upon hearing that , I thought “why indeed”…the simple answer seemed , “predators” …

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Agree, abiogenesis is probably happening but older, wiser and larger critters will eat it.

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I really like this thought. However, when I was in Pensacola Christian Correspondence School, one of their main thrusts against evolution was the argument against spontaneous generation. They said that the Middle Ages believed in this, but it was pretty firmly disproved in the Enlightenment, etc.

We will probably run up against some pretty stiff resistance from Intelligent Design and YEC’s based on complexity of RNA, DNA, etc. I think there are some other threads here that discuss that pretty well. Maybe we can learn from their comments, if they wish to do so.

The thermal vents, with different types of metabolism being important for archaebacteria, etc, may indicate a simpler way of arising. I don’t know. thanks.

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Another point about " dust of the earth" …the sediments issuing from the vents is from the early formation of the earth , under layers of compressed materials …layers upon layers pressing it down .
Pressurizing the chemicals ,sediments , and water …
In perspective , it is the " dust " of the formation of the earth …dust of the earth .

Note : we are carbon based life forms . Carbon makes up (if memory serves me) around 90% of the topsoil on earth …
Dust of the earth …
Again , any thoughts or corrections are welcome .
Thank you

If new forms of microscopic life were to appear on this planet then larger existing microscopic critters would eat them.

Long time ago I read an essay based on quantum mechanics that listed some reasons why life in this universe must be carbon-based. The purpose was to counter science fiction stories about silicon-based life.


My thoughts? The atheist cannot even use abiogenesis to disprove God or remove Him from the equation! How very frustrating for them…

I am an atheist, and I feel no need to disprove God or remove God from any equation. I fully accept the proposition that God could have created the universe in such a way that abiogenesis occurs spontaneously through natural processes. What I haven’t seen is evidence that would support such a claim.


Me too on all counts.

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