Space-Time Relativity Approach

I am not sure if anyone here has studied Dr. Gerald Schroeder’s book ‘Science of God’. He has discussed Space-Time relativity for correlating Genesis 1 and science. I would like to know if his approach is really scientifically verified fact and Biblically possible approach.

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Pure pseudoscience. So much so that it won over atheist philosopher Anthony Flew. In his 80s.

from the perspective of the point of origin of the Big Bang, according to Einstein’s equations of the ‘stretching factor’, time dilates by a factor of roughly 1,000,000,000,000, meaning one trillion days on earth would appear to pass as one day from that point, due to the stretching of space. When applied to the estimated age of the universe at 13.8 billion years, from the perspective of the point of origin, the universe today would appear to have just begun its sixth day of existence, or if the universe is 15 billion years old from the perspective of earth, it would appear to have just completed its sixth day

It’s not even wrong. To quote a far, orders of magnitude, greater Jewish physicist.

I apologize but I didn’t understand your remark brother.

The fault and apology are entirely mine Kevin.

His approach is really not scientifically verified fact, very far from it, and not Biblically possible. Science must not be read in to the Bible as if that’s what God intended, coded, ‘revealed’. That misses the point entirely.


Thank you for your remark.

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I don’t have that book and it is not available in the library. Found another book by this author “God according to God” and I am looking at it now. I am going to the library today and will see if I can get it by interlibrary loan.


If that is an accurate description of Schroeder’s thesis, then he does get some things very, very wrong. Also, my comments come with the usual caveat “according to the understanding of a very fallible armchair physicist”.

For the Big Bang, there was no point of origin. The whole universe was in that infinitesimal point, and all of the universe expanded. There is no center of expansion in our universe, just as there is no center on the surface of a sphere.

Next, there was no Earth 6 days after the initial expansion of the universe. If someone were looking from very far away they would not see our solar system as it is now. There was a 10 billion year period between the initial expansion of the universe and the formation of the Earth.


I don’t think it is ‘right’, but it is kind of fun in an anti-YEC, ironic sort of way:

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