Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore interviews Francis Collins about COVID Vaccine

Russell Moore on behalf of the SBC’s Ethics and Liberty Commission interviews NIH Director Francis Collins to address people’s concerns about the COVID vaccine regarding the “warp speed,” risk, side effects, and fetal cell derivations. Hope this is helpful to you!


Great interview. Russell Moore has been a shining light in a dark period in evangelical Christianity these past few years, and we all know and love Dr. Collins. He does a great job of communicating the truth as we know it in these trying days in a understandable manner.


I thought it was really accessible for people! Francis always expresses things so plainly for the normal people. I appreciate that so much.


My partner attended U of M med school, where he sincerely enjoyed his lectures. He would make funny songs to communicate his lesson too, which he sang with his guitar. However, he felt his attitude of humility and enthusiasm helped greatly with his teaching as well.

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Could you repost conversation on Covid19 vaccines?

If you go to the magnifying glass at the top you can search this forum for past conversations using key words.

If you are referring to an article that BioLogos posted, you can also do a search at

Not sure why they took down the version on YouTube, but it can still be found on their facebook page here:

I think she was talking about the video, the YouTube version disappeared…

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